AJcaraballo95 is calling for all sane, normal people to root out and destroy the infectious infidels who have dared to defile our sacred manuscript, The Last Jedi. All different but equally as beautiful opinions must come together to purge the verbal terrorist hatemongers of the toxic brood. We don't know who the brood is, but we know that they command immense power and nobody should care about them.[1]

Why We Must Fight[1][edit | edit source]

If everyone doesn't like TLJ, Star Wars will fail. We know this because Solo failed due to the lackluster boycott. They should have boycotted Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom instead. Our heroes from the Original Trilogy wouldn't want us to hate this film, and neither would my hero, Kathleen Kennedy, the creator of your childhood. After all, Rian was trying his best and we shouldn't throw away his hard work like Disney did to the Expanded Universe. Speaking of that, Disney saved Star Wars from George Lucas. George made a film about fairies and it was weird. We can't trust him. Also I hate Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Anyway, here's my review of Solo: It was fine. It had fanservice, but it wasn't as bad as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

this proves all my points

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • You have the right to like The Last Jedi. John Adams said so.
  • AJ said the r-word. That is very toxic and offensive. Literally shaking
  • AJ is so preoccupied with castrated rams.
  • If you don’t like TLJ you would probably follow a waitress down a dark alley clutching a knife because she gave you a salad fork with your steak.
  • You might think this is an extreme comparison. It’s not.
  • We can trust Disney. Kathleen Kennedy will take care of all our favorite characters.
  • The characters we loved started dying. It just happened.
  • Rian Johnson is the only person rich enough to make The Last Jedi.
  • Jeremy still wants AJ's review of The Force Unleashed.
  • Stop criticizing kids shows; children don’t deserve good content.
  • I disagree with this video.

References[edit | edit source]

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