Bilmand Bagface is a respected scholar and member of the Intellectual Gaming Community.

"As the famed Bilbo Baggins once said, it's about context" - Bilbo Baggins[1]

Intellectual Work[edit | edit source]

"Hammers - good or bad?" - Bilbo Baggins

Bagend has criticized BioWare's controversial crown jewel Anthem, claiming it feels thin, like bread spread across too much butter. He has also spoken negatively of the bibliography of famed Icelandic author Izradine Luticia Hlerp, claiming that they are objective without value because they sell toys.

Famous Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Old games are not new games, even if you were the same age when you played them."[2]
"These books are objective without value because they sell toys."[3]
"It is common, but not too common"[4]
“They did it okay the way that they did it.”
“It’s about context.”
“I’ve never heard of smart person argue against logic.”
“Movies are not math.”
"Is he White?"
"Don’t subscribe to Patrick Williams."
"Hope is like a plan, you don’t need it."
"The Last Jedi cries out in pain as it copyright strikes you"
"Patrick’s rock is gay"
"Unlike Civil War"
“Wolfs back”
“Can’t spell “we fap” without EFAP”
“stop reviewing a movie about space children intended for wizards”
“why watch EFAP when you can look at rhinos and milk women at least three times and not get bored?”
“I will light-speed through Mt. Doom”
“This makes anti-sense”
“All you do is nitpick.”
"Upon seeing Eric Taxxon's twitter: not the dragon I was expecting."
“There is literally no rhino.”
“It’s about deep-frying your family.”
"Merry Christmas efap boys keep being great, same to everyone in the discord, except cb, who was wrong about sandwiches."
“Tiny things add up to big things.”
“Mauler, please speak in your Patrick Williams voice for the next 5 minutes.”
“Holocause, hundreds of loading screens died.”
“Time is subjective.”
“Lettuce continue.”
“I understood that reference.”
“When is EFAP with jaredi mundi and cornstarch girl?”
“So anyways guys, that’s the history of EFAP.”
“What the fuck is making it black?”
“Every Frame A Grinding Hault, an hour in and no xenomorphs having their entrails turned to modern art piece, but anyways guys.”
“Don’t quote me on this.”
“But anyways guys, here’s some money to buy some rhino creme.”
“I’m surprised there are no more.”
“I encourage length.”
"Is it wrong that I go around with nothing but a cape, throwing bibles at strangers? I’m not the hero that the world wants but the one it needs"
“Stop criticizing this masterpiece about Disney fanatical wizards intended for space rhinos.”
“Also look at women.”
“You need to pay money for game to be fun.”
“You press the button and then a thing happens.”
“Ryan Johnson said, cast Quinton as Leia.”
"Hello all my Muslims."
“Wolf TFA part 2 was spot on, Maulers Fallout 76' review was really good.”
“The Last Jedi is the guide I will never abandon”
“I feel thin, sort of stretch, like butter scraped over too much butter rolls, oh lord”
“no, I am your father Medea”
“incest is quite popular”
“there are more movie Jay has not seen than particles in the universe”
“This fap is too short”

“be smarter, steal”

“he looks high”

“betty swallics”

“Captain marvel is not legally a villain”

“regarding de-cloaking, military advancement exists”

“only three things are true in life: death taxes and spiderman coming out”

“mario caused season 8 failure”

“if you have half-mullet you are not cool”

“sage heyden is pretty gay name”

“this video is the gay”

“just because its long doesn’t mean its long”

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