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"My ass is haunted by the gay unicorn coronal"

Professor Albert Tosspot, also known as Blessed Pipeman, or just Voxis is a living puppet and one of the most beloved EFAP allies. Alongside Cynic Snacks and CJ from Cynical Productions they form TGBP - a faction very similar to EFAP.


Prof. Tosspot sitting on his chair.

Pipeman is a living puppet. His lack of hair in some places alongside a grey moustache suggest that he is in his old days. His most distinctive feature is his pipe from which he smokes.

His attire consist of a white shirt, brown coat and red bowtie on his neck. His voice is his very iconic feature, just like

He is quite short, but he can still be considered a Long Man.


Due to his degree and experience Voxis is quite intelligent and eccentric fellow, often being loud and full of energy while shouting his catchphrase "bollocks". He is a very respected being in the universe, at least from the side of good, the Toxic Brood troops are very fond of him, especially during his reading of Chuck Tingle's books to everyone. He is not without his flaws as he can get quite nervous due to bad arguments, objectively bad media or even saying "Blessed Pipeman" too many times. He can also get shy when meeting a female, as seen during his first interaction with JLongBone. He also can do some questionable decisions, such as using other puppets as living ammo.


Season 2[]

Episode 24[]

A short lived but beautiful friendship

Voxis debuted during this event and immediately became a fan favorite among the Toxic Brood. He helped to defeat SnowmanGaming and later they thanked him for having a discussion. After witnessing Wolf vs Rags fighting, he was also present when REDACTED achieved peak of his power and it was him who changed his name to "Blessed Pipeman". The two became close shortly after, even if for a while. He also read gay erotica about sentient donuts to start off the stream.

Season 3[]


Season 4[]


Season 5[]


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Weapon proficiency - He can shoot from most guns, even mortars as demonstrated during the EFAP vs TGBP war in EFAP #33.
  • Swordmanship - Voxis can use his pipe as a sword like weapon.
  • Hand to hand combat - Pipeman can held his own in a fistfight.
  • Ancient Lore knowledge - he can read Chuck Tingle's books.
  • F-Word pass - he can use it despite being straight.


  • He was born in 1949, as he was 70 in 2019.[1]
  • Blessed Pipeman's power level is unknown but it can be assumed that he is stronger than Jack Saint and Taxxon.
  • He thinks Rags is a coward for refusing to eat pineapple pizza and is often exasperated by his fights with Wolf.[1]
  • He has worked for both Harvard and Yale.[1]
  • He is knowledgeable on several religions and knows many facts about Slaanesh the Chaos God.[1]
  • He sometimes gets depressed over his inability to play modern video games.[2]
  • He can do an incredible Droopy Dog impression.[2]
  • read some bizarre pornography of chuck tingle
  • think its like being in the German fetish club in efap
  • Isn’t a degenerate freak
  • All he need in Christmas is a sock and some mashed potatoes. To fuck.
  • thinks ryan johnsons as job creator that fucked up, as youtubers are ripping on his work
  • eric being topless is his anti-viagra, would rather be looking down the barrel of a gun
  • sees chaotic podcast as something he would welcome
  • suspect there is shrine of efap in lil potatoes house
  • doesn’t play weeb games
  • his professor, his handsome, has so many books, has big house, must be very learned, so he clearly a authority in
  • game experts fingers are covered chito dust
  • thinks that people should have experience in in subject they talk about
  • jaden smith is Socrates, if socrtese was deprived of oxygen at birth and dropped on his head few times
  • you should die if you hold gun sideways
  • favorite Ghibli movie is “the one with the tentacles”


“water under the faggot”

"Just fuck already!!!"

“like a astral projection molestation?”