"Sexual harassment"

Browntable is a young movie reviewer and video essayist. His proclamation that if he had the power to shoot lasers out of his hands, he would use it to kill guy who flirts with him has led Rags and others to theorize that he has latent psychopathic tendencies and is homophobic. This may be what scared people away from attending his birthday party, or the fact that he had Captain Marvel filmm running non stop in his television. He became known as a critical player in their defamation scheme against The Don.[1] He also likes Spider-Man 3[2] and Zootopia fanfiction.[3]

Overview[edit | edit source]

"We're talking about a fictional movie here!"

Browntable follows the ways of Just Write and many other mainstream video essayists. Many of the points he raises about art sound inspired on the surface, but lack depth behind them. He has made the claim that films which reflect ideas from older times are bad, and has stated that if we were living in an alternate world, we would be living in a different world. However, he was the first to reveal one of the essential, foundational questions of the universe - What Makes Good Rat?, a contribution to art discourse that cannot be understated.[3] Despite his occasional tisms, he seems a good-natured young lad, possible support for laser-murder aside.

Greatness of Spider-Man 3[edit | edit source]

“this scene was devastatingly important”

While he likes the spider-man 1 and 2, he believes that spider-man 3 is smarter than people think. batman begins was partial to spider-man 3's failure as it was darker and grittier so people wanted that from the spider-man.

Also, it was Sam Raimi’s fault that venom was included because fans wanted him, even though it was the studio that pushed Sam to add him. peter is just the normal guy in Queens, even in the last movie.

Sandman is just a guy trying to save his daughter, but he is portrayed as monster.

To him, Eddie Brock isn’t that self-centered and assholelish and that he works well as evil version of spider-man by being skinny himself. thinks that Eddie has good and bad side like the Peter, but he barely has good side as he cheats and guilt's people not to get him arrested.

Like many other essayist, the fact that the film has themes makes it great to him, themes like revenge, as Harry, Venom and Sandman wand revenge on Peter and Peter wants revenge against Sandman. This culminates with all of the characters except Brock forgive people, so Brock dies because his revenge (didn't mention Harry).

public image plays huge part in shaping characters paths, like spider-man looses his image when papers post slander and Mary-janes looses her image and the public perception of her, making her just another person in the street.

people that though that three endings were bad didn’t realize that they had narrative purpose.

His overall opinion seems to be that because there were thematic aspect, the movie was better than people thought. Every movie is really good as themes occur in it.

Slander Against The Don[edit | edit source]

"She didn't rip his hand off, dude. She just like twisted it."

he had not seen people direct so much hate and vitriol towards a movie for along time and people were still hating on it "for the dumbest reasons".

he enjoyed the deleted scenes, as the gave her more character.

Calls the don a “douche ” and cant see reason why people think her assaulting him is bad.

considers him doing "sexual harassment" by pulling down a map and saying that "how about smile form me" and says if man did this to him and he had powers "that guy would be toast". hopefully he has no guns. he might think it morally right to kill a person fot that.

tries to vilify The Don by doing creeper tongue licking, even though he showed the scene.

he is told by Joye Sallads that she is most unlikable hero in the marvel and that she nearly rips his arm or, he just deflects the comment by saying that "sh just twisted it". Captain marvel wouldn not have hurt The Don if he handt ask her to smile

uses whataboutism to justify Captain Marvel being asshole by saying that Rocket racoon, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Thor and Star-lord are asshole as well, but misses the fact that these characters are trying to be better or are not toted as a role-models because their dubious and they actions usually have consequences, while carol is the same through out her film and only thing she learns is that she is awesome.

Context matters, but he cuts it so his narrative would stay intact, like how he say that wolverine is villain for attacking people in the bar during first X-Men, even thought it was self defense from people that wanted to attack him. its completely foreign to him that what he did was minor slight and what she did was major slight

He isn't saying that everyone that hates the scene are sexist, but....

Thinks that killing man who wield a sword and is about to attack them is villainous

Thinks that people wanted to see The Don rape Caroll.

Browntable's greatest crime was his slander and libel (slibel) against The Don.[1] Browntable made the case that The Don committed sexual harassment on the grounds that he asked Captain Marvel to smile, thus justifying Captain Marvel breaking his arm, electrifying him, threatening him with dismemberment, and stealing his motor vehicle. He likened The Don's comment to the man from Indiana Jones who brandished a sword at Indy and threatened him with murder.

He made the video without making a script

Long story short, killing people for flirting with you is okay, but also none of it matters because it's a fictional film, and Spider-Man is about to come out.

Greatness of art[edit | edit source]

we all like art

“I do enjoy certain art and dislikes some other art too”

one of the intro videos is fan animation of zootopia holding chopsticks

some art might have had same amount of time put on them

is there such thing as bad art?

its up to us to decide what is good and bad, but how do we know if is good>?

photoshops image of to guys looking at one another, but does it like they  are laying on top of each other on the floor, looking at art, while fucking

movie can be bad and still qualify as a movie

thinks that art cant be copied in another era

puts lot of text on screen and then doesn’t read it

long take in birdman is deemed great

arts reflect politics of the time, so are different to the future where things have changed

we are teached that active characters are better than passive

what if things were different? what if quick cutting and shaky camera were considered great? we would be living in a different world.

are there rules that art should follow to be great? is art always subjective and it always depends on the viewer/listener?

let me know in the comments

Dark Knight Rises Defense[edit | edit source]

"Trilogies, we all love them, there seems to be something special about them"

thinks that the movie is great and did much right but the internet for some reason doesn't see it so. but he can prove them wrong as the movie has great themes. but before that he must tell you about the skllshare.

the Dark Knight was great, one of his favorite movies. it change comic book movie landscape. because the Dark knight was too got to be surpassed, so people don't like Dark Knight Rises as they were comparing the two. it would be treated differently if it came first. maybe

Just because the movie isn't as good as the previous movie we shouldn't brush it aside as a mediocre sequel.

you cant compare the two as one is crime drama an other one is "war movie with post apocalyptic undertones"

its three hour long epic adding deep character studies and 3 nolands strengths, characters, grand set pieces and plots with twist.

interpreting the movie is up to you, but Browntable tells you that it better than toy and other people think.

says that batman is no longer needed, so he blurs Bruce's face

Bruce has nothing else in his life than being batman

movie is about discovering value if life by fearing death

thinks that the movies character moments is really quiet and thought provoking. there is no comedy and everything is delivered with nuance and maximum impact.

batman and bane are almost same, blinded by their righteous crusade that they are willing to die for. batman dies not for his ideas, but for people as well.

Bane is great, one part being his voice that you cant half the time understand, he feels like a force of nature who can just stand around and look intimidating

says there is no "it was me all along" moment, even though tahlia was behind it all

bane is intimidating because he has resources

batman is a idea, a symbol of how hero should be and people want him back to be their guardian symbol

Bruce Wayne is the physical embodiment of the batman symbol

thinks the Gotham turned into "somewhat totalitarian state ruled by the insane" and cat woman realizes that that is not justice. then she fights for true justice.

puts two blurry bars on the screen but they don't cover the bottom or the top or the side of the screen

dark knight rises when bruce gets up from the pit and when peoples mind changes about batman when he takes the bomb away

"a time, a countdown, a ticking clock"

he thinks the theme of rising is impactful, as its about rising up when your knocked down. also has theme of death and rebirth ad Gotham is destroyed and rebuild and batman dies and is brought back by the man who finds the batcave.

plotholes like how did Bruce got back to Gotham has no relevance to plot they shouldn't be considered plotholes but nitpicks, since he is Batman they are not imposibilities.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

"This reminds me of Karl Marx."

  • He is not invited to Smiler's birthday party.[1]
  • He likes certain art, but not certain other art.
    • specifically he enjoys renaissance art or baroque art, but nod modern art or minimalist pieces
  • he loves the people on the reddit
  • He is supported by cows, HitopFilms and the old man Alen, who hates THE MIDDLE.
  • Considering his later discovered apparent homophobia, at one point of the Spider-Man 3 video he bizarrely zooms in batmans crotch, the dynamic duo and the batpole.
  • got the picture of Marx from Marxist. org
  • Best place you can watch browntables videos is at the toilet
  • Its weird that nobody showed in his birthday party, even thought he called everyone sexist
  • He plays sad music to make people think what he is talking about is melancholic.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“people have two side, good and evil side” people can be taken over by their bad side, very nuanced of him to figure this out

“spider-man is still pretty awful at times”

“if you are saying this, then you are not paying attention”

“Sometimes they just disagree and sometimes they just don't like a movie and sometimes they just don’t like women”

"captain marvel, inspiring to lots of young girls, war on twitter...... balances out".

"fully knowing what exactly been going on"

“its up to our own selves”

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