One of the earliest YouTuber's whose videos EFAP watched, appearing in the very first episode.

History[edit | edit source]

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Man made video where he talked about how he liked the Solo movie. He called it his favorite Star Wars movie that doesn’t need to exist. He made few good points of how Solo lessens Han Solos character, as he was boxed, making his background concrete and final. Even so, he still like the movie, even though most of the positive points are thin, centering around things like acting and style.

Captain though that the Disney did the movie disservice, because the behind-the-scenes issues and firing directors, which lowered people’s expectations of the movie and Disney scheduling should get 90% blame for the flop, as the movie came too soon after The Last Jedi so people just thought "another one of these? and that's why there wasn't that much hype for it.

Some things he liked:

  • The main villain, as his fun to watch, seem to be genuinely nice and cares about people he works with. A psycho that sometimes flies of the handle” and its good contrast that fares him well with other villains in the movies.
  • Lando, as character is over the top" in very believable way"(he is nothing like Lando, one of his only character trait is that he likes capes). He sees Lando as someone in tough spot trying to bluff his way out.
  • The Acting.
  • Qi'ra being Maul's helper was fun, but there was no background info.

Episode 7[edit | edit source]

His second video centered around Killmonger and how he was the best and thought provoking villain in the MCU. Loki is good on his opinion but he is better as minor villain. To him, Kilmongers goals seemd heroic. He was not ready to call Killmonger a “great hero” as he is immoral and kills his girlfriend at the drop of a hat. From his point of view:

  • Kilmonger has stuff going on under the surface, (like the rage, like how he shouts and kills people),
  • Hs plan is emotionally motivated, unlike the likes of dark elf Malekith (doesn't mention Vulture or Zemo, as that would break his narrative) and Kilmonger has shades of grey in him (something that other villains have too).
  • He wanted to share the Wakandan technology with the rest of the world
  • If the vllain and the hero would have done different choices, they could be on the same side. Things would have been different
  • Killmonger and Black Panthers final CGI fight is ideological battle of what "Black Panther and Wakonda represents" and Killmonger had positive impact on T'Challa.
  • Captain Mignight gives all the credit of making Wakanda more open to Killmonger, even though T'Challa was thinking it before hand.
  • All of this was his opinion.

Episode 31[edit | edit source]

X-Men Dark Phoenix will never hit theater in his opinion.

It might hit theaters or if not, click-baits with wishy-washy opinion and says you can laugh at him if he is wrong. Captain seemingly doesn’t like to commit, like saying X-Men Apocalypse is “not exactly loved” instead of "bad" or "sucked".

Disney acquire Fox and know that they have to make money with it. The re-shoots money isn’t that big for Disney, so they might not release the movie if they think its better to start from scratch or let go of the movie they don’t have faith in. Disney doesn’t want to taint their IP new so they won't release Dark Phoenix if they think its not good enough and sullies the expectations of X-Men movies.

Kevin Fiegy picked apart plot-holes in Amazing Spider-man, commented how spider-Man needs to be less wishy-washy.

Unlike WatchMojo, he ask “what do you think?” in the end of the video.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Amusingly enough, like his namesake superhero, Captain Midnight is one of the more obscure and seldom referenced in EFAP.
  • Average person goes to movies 5 times a year.
  • Doesn’t consider himself as conspiratorial person, like Elvis is dead and moon landing is real.
  • He likes the "old-school Star Wars with bounty hunters and space wizards", not the more dark and serious version of the sequels.
  • He saw Solo twice and liked it, thought the acting was good and doesn’t know why people aren’t talking about it.
  • His videos have weird transitions. They use clips from the animated series of the video topics (Black Panther has random clips from Black Panthers appearance in Fantastic Four animated series and Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes).
  • Magneto and Killmonger are similar:
    • Both try to take down the society (like a lot of marvel villains) one to make the world only mutant and other wants to make it only adults (as Orphan, Killmonger hates children).
    • had brutal childhood.
    • Named Erik, but not really as Killmongers name is N'Jadaka and Magnetos name is Max.
    • Both have goals that are sympathetic but too brutal for heroes to get on board with them .

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I wasn't bad exactly"
"Force Awakens felt like it was seriously indented to the past movies, The Last Jedi was deconstruction and serious, while Solo plays it loose with the universe lore while winking at the past movies. Its more of western than the sequels. It might have everything Solo movie should have, but it doesn’t feel like weigh down by beats the Solo movie should have. Story beats feel fun and effortless."

  • “This doesn’t sound like a story of a villain, a poor orphan going on a adventure to defeat an ancient mythical ruler with weird powers”.
  • “Telling the story this way leaves out some very important pieces of information, like how our hero has killed countless people and seems to really like it or how his final plan, while admirable in some ways, will lead to the death of thousands if not millions of people and that when you really get down to it, his actions seem to be mostly motivated by deep-seated rage that causes him to lash out in vindictive and cruel ways."
  • "When you take all this in count it’s hard to consider Killmonger any sort of hero, but writing him of as straight forward villain doesn’t seem right either and that’s part of what makes him the most compelling antagonist in MCU history, in my opinion."
  • "He doesn’t just give T'Challa conflict to overcome, he also makes him question everything about his family, his position and his country, that makes him not just a fun marvel villain but fantastic complex character in general.”
  • “Conflict he represent to the rest of the cast goes far beyond “he wants power and is willing to kill to take it”. it makes them confront the sins of the past and question their own priorities because, lets be clear here, what T'Chaka, T'Challas father did to EriK was pretty deeply messed up. Not only did he kill a child’s father, he turned a blind eye to that kids suffering for decades. As the leader of the most technologically advanced people of the world and someone we know has spies everywhere, it doesn’t seem like he ever even once checked in on Erik, If he had he would have seen a incredibly angry and broken person, who was turning into killing machine. He could have done something about that, instead either out of anger or simple shame he looked the other way and allowed a monster to be created in the process. And that makes sense since turning blind eye to suffering seemed to be what he did with the most things happening outside Wakanda.”

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