Cynic Snacks is a pizzaman with mustache and goatee, who does animations and reviews obscure low-quality movies, mostly horror. He enjoys shit films, like Troll 2 and The Room. His sleep-deprived childhood consisted of playing games (like Pokémon) under his sheets with flashlight and watching nighttime TV.

History[edit | edit source]

PreFAP[edit | edit source]


EFAP 14[edit | edit source]


vs Goliath[edit | edit source]

While on vacation in The Philippines, Cynic Snacks joined MauLer, Wolf, and Rags on Jay's stream checking out a WatchMojo video breaking down the Rise of Skywalker trailer. Unforunately, Cynic Snacks found himself in the crosshairs of a giant rabid hound. He came to learn from the Filipino locals that the hound's name was Goliath, Scourge of the Philippines. Snacks spent the duration of the stream hiding from Goliath, with the beast's distant barks serving as a constant reminder of his presence.

EFAP 46[edit | edit source]


The One Year Anniversary of Pausing Every Frame[edit | edit source]


The Two Year Anniversary of Pausing Every Frame[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When he young and saw Jurassic Park, he first thought it was a rom-com and was surprised while watching that it was a monster movie.
  • Went to Comic-Con with 1000 flyers of his channel and only got 1 or so subscribers out of it. He struggles with marketing.
  • Rey wants to eat him.
  • Like any sea-fairing man, he uses incognito when looking at porn.
  • Was too cheap to pay for a rabies shot and that’s why he initially ran away from Goliath.
  • Thinks Evil Dead: Army of Darkness is bad. He needs to be stopped along with his pizza army for spreading such hate, even if he still enjoyed the film.
  • Who would win, Shinobi the Thot or Cynic Snacks the Pizza? Cynic might just flop over before the fight starts.
  • He is fan of Jontron.
  • He considers putting cringy skits in the start of video to be like a firewall, preventing him from watching the video.
  • Goliath made him sweat from fear. He spent days in Philippines just literally shitting part of himself.
  • He didn’t get to talk to Cosmic Chicken because he wore the wrong beads, so the cosmic being shaded him.
  • Snacks can try to make his voice retarded like Jay to trick people to think it is Jay speaking

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Minecraft is for autists of all ages"

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