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The Every Frame A Pause podcast, abbreviated as EFAP, is a podcast on YouTube hosted by MauLer, Rags, and as of EFAP 136, Fringy. Up until EFAP 65, it was also hosted by Wolf. The podcast is largely centered around discussions of film and media criticism as well as responses to videos relating to those subjects.

during 20 episode they enter another universe, messing with the mikes, lagging and roboting them voices

EFAP building is either in a wastland, in underground, in Mordor or in archipelago.

Every guest in EFAP is from different universe, allowing great variety between the guests, like talking canine, puppets, writers, cowboys, Demigods, Women, swordsmen, frogs, robots, Satan, gamers, Scottish and Jay.


EFAP evolved from Wolf's podcast, and many elements (such as covering Tonald) carried over between shows. The podcast was originally unnamed before "Every Frame a Pause" was suggested by the audience.

The show has gone on for over two years and over 130 episodes, celebrating their anniversary once every 50 episodes.


EFAP includes the main podcast (red), EFAP Gaming (orange), EFAP Movies (blue), and EFAP Minis (green), which includes the Batwoman series. EFAP 50 was gold and EFAP 100 was an Avengers: Endgame-style purple.


  • According to the mods of r/cringe, EFAP is officially non-cringe.[1]
  • There are no David Cage fans within the walls of EFAP.[2]
  • EFAP are Grammar Nazis
  • during 20 episode, they entered another universe, which was messing with their mikes,causing lagging and roboting them voices.
  • Jay is objectively gay, or at least bi, and Rags and Wolf are both bi, making MauLer the diversity hire
  • Rags (Hassim) and Wolf are the EFAP tech support
  • You don’t get your comment reported on EFAP, just the reason why 9 out of 10 dentist nationwide recommend EFAP
  • The Last Jedi made EFAP happen
  • EFAP is the first alt-right leftist podcast
  • EFAP a nipple
  • Oompa Loompa Lore is not as deep as EFAP Lore
  • chi adventures In dreamland by Daddy Rags/Bathazar and Scrub Metal/ Wong-Tong
  • Many other people are running EFAPs
  • Previously on EFAP, “You are fire.”
  • Wolf, Rags and Mauler prefer blueberries over cherries
  • rag, wuf and moo
  • EFAP rap names: light white, Walter altar, Kane train, white white woo, gay dock, raspberry cream kate and whapper white
  • EFAP's white skin absorbs the racism
  • EFAP has backlog of things to be covered in future
  • EFAP crew are “twisted souls of men”
  • Jay and Smiler are EFAP's sloppy seconds
  • EFAP is high on objectivity
  • EFAP audience is very internet
  • Fun is subjective, but not in EFAP
  • EFAP steals the children’s smiles and sells them on black market, except Rags, who grinds them down and drinks the potion to stay young
  • Jay's Alexa goes of randomly when he talks, saying random things, might be becoming self aware. Wolf and Rags have Cortana, but it doesn’t answer, rags one practices music and doesn’t answer to him, mauler got rid of his own Cortana
  • Mauler, Wolf and Rags are sensitive souls
  • Wolf and MauLer play Alien: Colonial Marines through Twitter
  • Elevator music plays when two people, like Wolf and Rags, argue
  • Skull on wheels, honest dog and rages
  • EFAP has been accused of being cruel and mean for only leeching off other channels, of only inviting people whom they agree with, of thinking that a main character can't be anyone but straight white male, of being like surgery with butcher knife, of being demons for not liking The Last Jedi, and of fucking up by showing the full videos they cover rather than strawmanning the opposition by cutting the content
  • 15-episode traditional anniversary gift is crystal. most popular song 15 years ago was “in da club”, sang by 50 cent. 15, separate it, it equals 6, you take rags and mauler, that makes 2, separate it, that makes 4, which is the length of words in "Rags" and "Wolf"
  • what is EFAP if not the test of human patience?
  • MauLer is good person, Rags is not as he is Scientologist, wolf is a Nazi and Fringy is of course a staunch unapologetic white nationalist
  • Rags and Mauler like musicals, but they have to be pretty good, Wolf has not found any good for him
  • which aggravate the trio, waywardness or imbecility? its imbecility
  • MauLer, Wolf, Metal, and Jay can't read
  • The trio has living privilege, they are not supposed to be alive
  • MauLer is in Britland, which is better than wolf and rags
  • MauLer wouldn’t get chestburster in him since he wears a mask, while rags would be out of the facehuggers league and it would quit before even trying. wolf is just a wolf.
  • they are not against themes, but it can’t be the main selling point, especially if the theme is broken by the story
  • 200 dollar love you rags and, mauler fuck you, to wolf piece of love or shit on wolf, extremely kind, but only 2 thirds biblical sense, symbolic sense, maybe jest as its with a heart
  • Other audience suggestions for the podcast name were:
    • Sober Nobles
    • Video Response Theory
    • Anyways Guys Theory
    • Yiff and Maul Stream
    • Two and Half Furries
    • Two Furries One Skull
    • Two Furries and One Plot Hole
    • Two Fangs One Skull
    • Adventures of Skully and Two Furries
    • Natural Selection
    • Gestapo Council
    • Numbskulls
    • Watching Movies Right
    • Stream of Dogs and Starfighters
    • Sensible Fellows
    • Side-quests and Knife Fights
    • Church of Critics
    • Film Torture
    • Joel Palseph Watson
    • The Wolf Pack
    • Bad Analysis
    • Plot Holers
    • Plot Maulers
    • Yiffing Time
    • The Objectivists
    • The Upward Motion
    • Every Frame A Pain
    • Mauler and The Wolves
    • Toxic Fandom
    • The Last Podcast
    • Toxic Man-babies
    • The Angry Men
    • Angry White Men
    • Three Angry White Men
    • White Privilege
    • The Anita Sarkeesian Experience
    • The Dysfunctional Family
    • 11 minutes in 5 hours
    • Three's Company
    • Fellowship of the Plot

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