The Every Frame A Pause podcast, abbreviated as EFAP, is a podcast on YouTube hosted by MauLer and Rags. It was also hosted by Wolf as well before his departure. The podcast is largely centered around discussions of film and media criticism as well as responses to videos relating to those subjects.

History[edit | edit source]

EFAP evolved from Wolf's podcast, and many elements (such as covering Tonald) carried over between shows. The podcast was originally unnamed before "Every Frame a Pause" was suggested by the audience.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the mods of r/cringe, EFAP is officially non-cringe.[1]
  • There are no David Cage fans within the walls of EFAP.[2]
  • Other audience suggestions for the podcast name were:
    • Sober Nobles
    • Video Response Theory
    • Yiff and Maul Stream
    • Two Furries One Skull
    • Two and Half Furrys
    • Natural Selection
    • Gestapo Council
    • Numbskulls
    • Adventures of Skully and Two Furries
    • Anyways Guys Theory
    • Watching Movies Right
    • Stream of Dogs and Star-fighters
    • 2 Fangs 1 Skull
    • Sensible Fellows
    • Side-quests and Knife Fights
    • Church of Critics
    • Film Torture
    • Joel Palseph Watson
    • The Wolf Pack
    • Bad Analysis
    • Plot Holers
    • Yiffing Time
    • The Objectivists
    • Plot Maulers
    • The Upward Motion
    • Every Frame A Pain
    • Mauler and The Wolves
    • Angry White Men
    • Toxic Fandom
    • The Last Podcast
    • 2 Furries and One Plot Hole
    • 3 Angry White Men
    • The Angry Men
    • Anita Sarkisian Experience
    • The Dysfunctional Family
    • Toxic Man-babies
    • 11 minutes in 5 hours
    • 3's Company
    • Fellowship of the Plot
    • White Privilege

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