"I cannot think of a bigger waste of time than debating art."

HelloGreedo is a Star Wars TLJ YouTuber who doesn't understand physics.[1] He despises details with a passion, and also makes videos about them.[2][3]

History[edit | edit source]

When Greedo created his channel, he said: "open quote". He continued to quote himself for years until he said "close quote" in his video on The Rise of Skywalker.[2]

Philosophy on Art[edit | edit source]

The director praised his own movie, you can trust him.

Details are fun, but the heart of Star Wars doesn't allow fun.[3] The heart of Star Wars is allowing anyone to express their artistic vision, even if it makes no sense in context with what came before. After all, no franchise disobeys the laws of physics more than Star Wars[1], so why should it obey any rules at all? Obeying rules and being consistent is the soul-killing knife in the heart of a franchise.[3] This is why The Rise of Skywalker is bad, because while TLJ had story and emotions, TROS has details,[2] and when you take too much time on trivial things like details and canon, you've lost the heartbeat of Star Wars. Getting hamstrung by the rules of a fictional universe is soul-crushing, especially if it conflicts with the pretty visuals that I like.[3] We could talk about why everyone else isn't using hyperspace rams as weapons, but that would take too long. Besides, it's more creative to hand-wave all concerns about the universe, we can just torture the expanded universe authors by forcing them to come up with some convoluted explanation that will probably just be contradicted again. Every Star Wars film has added new things,[3] and sequels can never ruin what came before,[4] but details can can mess up your emotional payoffs. This is entirely the fault of the details, which need to be removed because they're incompatible with your pretty visuals.[3] In the end, you can have your complaints with contradictory details and silly things like plot points, but how did it make you f e e l ?[2]

Philosophy on Toxic Hatemongers[edit | edit source]

There are some people who felt mad at TLJ, and said it contradicts the original trilogy and The Force Awakens. These people are toxic and aren't letting me have my feelings.[3] These people are so entitled that they will rant and play the hate piano all day[4] in front of a sheet of red cardboard. They want to make the heart of Star Wars into complaining about it, because they can't get over what was.[3] You won't catch me obsessing over what was, because aye do not want clean homages. I'm takin' a ride on what is, because life is messy; sorry if it wasn't what you expected.[2]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Kayak - he has a green kayak for taking selfies.[3]
  • Consoombrain - he has a stroke if he tries to make a substantive point.[3]

i do not care about this

Videos About Details[edit | edit source]

He does make videos about details, but he doesn't care about them.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He streams with his mask on.[2]
  • He has used a Greedo mask and a Stormtrooper mask, even though he doesn't sound anything like either.[4]
  • He censors the word g*d.[2][3]
  • He unironically likes Chris Stuckmann because he's "pure".[3]
  • He still trusts Rotten Tomatoes.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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