'But how did it make you... feel?"

HelloGreedo is a Star Wars The LastJedi YouTuber who doesn't understand physics.[1] He despises details with a passion, and also makes videos about them.[2][3]

Thinks that people can’t have problem with the sci-fi if it break the laws of physics as its already unrealistic.

History[edit | edit source]

PreFAP[edit | edit source]

HelloGreedo is a US Navy veteran. When he created his channel, he said: "open quote". He continued to quote himself for years until he said "close quote" in his video on The Rise of Skywalker.[2] He originally wore a Greedo mask, in keeping with his name, but it got old, so he switched to a Stormtrooper helmet.

He only likes, but not loves The Last Jedi.

Why the Resistance Bombers make sense, but they don't have to make sense[edit | edit source]

MauLer, Rags, Wolf, and Appabend first encountered Greedo on EFAP 30, where they watched his video on the Resistance Bombers from The Last Jedi. Greedo begins by explaining that there is a given explanation for how the bombs drop out of the ship, but that's bad because they would make sense without that explanation (it's Newton's first law!), but that doesn't matter because Star Wars is all about breaking the laws of physics. He agrees the having bombs in space is stupid (rather than those bombs in particular being stupid), but Star Wars has always been WWII-esque (hence the lasers). He brought up how better vehicles than AT-ATs could have been used on Hoth, not taking into account that flying ships would have been shot down by the Rebel Base's cannon and faster ships would have been stopped by their shield, and that the end battle of The Phantom Menace was dumb, which everybody already agrees with.

TIE Bombers exist, people criticized prequels too, brings up how New Republic demilitarized, we use 30-year-old tech, we sail on very old ships (not in combat, and the First Order changed their flagships),

The One Year Anniversary of Pausing Every Frame[edit | edit source]

MauLer, Rags, JLongbone, Jeremy, Drinker, and Southpaw next encountered Greedo on Part 2 of EFAP 50, where he argued that The Last Jedi does not care what anybody finds important, which makes it good.

It subverted expectations, challenged what people found important, like how Rey's parents are nobodies. he love the movie for turning things on their head and subverting things as the movie is meta mirror to the Star Wars craze

Things we want to know or things we want, the epic things, don’t matter, as what we found important is not what the story found important. The lightsaber is important to us, not to Luke

Rise of Skywalker title means that we are all Skywalkers (said before)

Who told you that Snoke was powerful? Did you read that on YouTube? Snoke was there to show Kylo Ren's struggle, he himself isn’t important.

Questions how people thought that Snoke was big deal and powerful Sith, even though he was shown to be strong and important.

Luke betraying his core morals was okay because it had been a long time.

EFAP 69[edit | edit source]


Appreciating The Last Jedi more, thanks to The Rise of Skywalker[edit | edit source]

On EFAP 78, MauLer, Rags, Jay, Weekend, and JLongbone watched Greedo's video on why The Rise of Skywalker made him appreciate The Last Jedi more.

He does make videos about details, but he doesn't care about them.[2] like the Holdo Maneuver, new ship designs, and who is related to whom.

He cares about story, characters he can root for and villains he can hiss at. this is why he prefers TLJ over TROS, since TROS is just details and Wookieepedia fillings while TLJ has character arcs.

He doesn't want "soulless clean homages".

It's impossible to answer what is needed in making good Star Wars, but its when it takes risks and doesn't rely on callbacks

Spirit and heart of Star Wars is intangible, pushing the boundaries, keeping audience on its toes, spirit is in story. Prequels had the spirit even if many for years though they didn't as they made something new and pushed boundaries

Appreciates TROS for being just soulless homage and callback fest to previous movies, since it made him love The Last Jedi's boldness more.

Loved Luke in The Last Jedi and how his world came crashing down, he instantly loved it as a creative decision. he didn't think it was out of character, as he doesn't think that stuff, he doesn't feel that level of ownership. characters shouldn't be unchanged through out the series, they need arcs. its better than him going too fight the first order head on and saving the day.

The Rise of Skywalker was stagnant and predictable compared to The Last Jedi.

On Details[edit | edit source]

On EFAP 80, MauLer, Rags, PSA Sitch, and Adam Friended watched HelloGreedo's video on why details kill the heart of Star Wars.

People are saying that you are not allowed to do something because its not possible or against the lore and cannon, which he thinks is wrong as it takes away from creativity. We want out creators have as much freedom as possible.

Canon is important, but strictly adhering to it only works against creativity, hamstringing story is soul crushing to him.

Good details we care about are "Luke is Anakin's son" and "Ben Solo is Han Solo's son". Everyone likes that.

The Holdo Maneuver is details and he likes how it looks, but how it works doesn't matter as its good way of showing self sacrifice and it made him feel.

Doesn't care to view any media through "encyclopedic kaleidoscope of dos and do-nots."

You are loosing the "heartbeat of Star Wars" if you want to know how something works. and if you ask why wasn't something used before even though it would have been useful, it would take too long to explain all moments in OT and prequels when that happens where they didn't use previously established things.

To him the emotional impact of the narrative is more important the details, as those are just "supplementary stuff".

Trying to make the movie about rules drives a knife into Star Wars' heart.

Philosophy on Art[edit | edit source]

"I cannot think of a bigger waste of time than debating art."

The director praised his own movie, you can trust him.

Details are fun, but the heart of Star Wars doesn't allow details.[3] The heart of Star Wars is allowing anyone to express their artistic vision, even if it makes no sense in context with what came before. After all, no franchise disobeys the laws of physics more than Star Wars[1], so why should it obey any rules at all? Obeying rules and being consistent is the soul-killing knife in the heart of a franchise.[3] This is why The Rise of Skywalker is bad, because while The Last Jedi had story and emotions (supposedly he has problems with the The Last Jedi and can’t believe that he has to keep bringing it up), TROS has details,[2] and when you take too much time on trivial things like details and canon, you've lost the heartbeat of Star Wars. Getting hamstrung by the rules of a fictional universe is soul-crushing, especially if it conflicts with the pretty visuals that I like.[3] We could talk about why everyone else isn't using hyperspace rams as weapons, but that would take too long. Besides, it's more creative to hand-wave all concerns about the universe, we can just torture the expanded universe authors by forcing them to come up with some convoluted explanation that will probably just be contradicted again. Every Star Wars film has added new things,[3] and sequels can never ruin what came before,[4] but details can can mess up your emotional payoffs. This is entirely the fault of the details, which need to be removed because they're incompatible with your pretty visuals.[3] In the end, you can have your complaints with contradictory details and silly things like plot points, but how did it make you f e e l ?[2]

Philosophy on Toxic Hatemongers[edit | edit source]

There are some people who felt mad at TLJ, and said it contradicts the original trilogy and The Force Awakens. These people are toxic and aren't letting me have my feelings.[3] These people are so entitled that they will rant and play the hate piano all day[4] in front of a sheet of red cardboard. They want to make the heart of Star Wars into complaining about it, because they can't get over what was.[3] You won't catch me obsessing over what was, because aye do not want clean homages. I'm takin' a ride on what is, because life is messy; sorry if it wasn't what you expected.[2]

Screenshots of the word "RETURN" from the Return of the Jedi title and "FORCE" from The Force Awakens title, with the R from the former check-marked and the R in the latter X'd, as the font changed between the two films.

Greedo do not care about things like this

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Kayak - he has a green kayak for taking selfies.[3]
  • Consoombrain - he has a stroke if he tries to make a substantive point.[3]
  • The Heartbeat of Star Wars - Greedo has the ability to see the very heartbeat of Star Wars itself

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He streams with his mask on.[2]
  • He censors the word g*d.[2][3]
  • Can’t build TIE Fighters symmetrically in minecraft. he doesn't care about the details
  • If you don’t like a movie, go write fanfiction
  • He has deep-seated philosophical belief when it comes to creativity in Star Wars: creator shouldn't be hamstrung by what came before
  • Calls the giant walkers "elephants"
  • Has density that only rivaled by bottom third of the periodic table
  • Wrote a book and has his helmet on the cover,
  • Happily says that he is not the same person he was a week ago.
  • Star Wars vehicles are based on World War II vehicles, bringing that this is why they don’t use practical weapons
  • By Rags' judgement, this is what a faggot looks like, his excessively large gay
  • Thinks youtubers don’t do research for their videos
  • There is thing people like and don’t like, nothing ruins Star Wars, be it movies that come after the OT, nothing ruins the OT's story “that’s hyperbolic dumb-dumb talk”
  • His room is sterile and shows his personality
  • People that don’t like something don’t have to make enemies in the internet and get angry
  • There has always been lot of Star Wars to go around
  • Stories are still there, characters you love are still there, feelings are still there
  • Didn’t like rogue one but is 50/50on rise of skywalker
  • He loved the last jedi and force awakens
  • People don’t have to love or like movies, you ont like everything and you get to be disappointed if you think you will like everything
  • People are waiting for the next chapter
  • People just feign that they are angry and get views that way
  • He unironically likes Chris Stuckmann because of his "pure look into movies".[3]
  • He still trusts Rotten Tomatoes.[3]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“If you drop a lollipop, it will fall to the floor” talks about how there is gravity in the Star Wars spacecraft

"Hey! Hey! This is Star Wars. you are caring about physic now now? Now? In a franchise that’s taken more liberties whit what comes to the laws of physics than any other franchise, now is when you gonna have a problem with it. interesting"

“There are lot of silly tactics in star wars, a lot of tech that doesn’t really make sense if you are looking through the lens of scientific accuracy or the ways things work in the real world”

“Cyclical silliness”

“Star Wars the last jedi doesn’t find important what you find important”

“Draining their asshole”

"I'm not in their head, I'm not kneeling in from of a unchanged painting of what once was, I'm taking a riding on what is"

"Rise of Skywalker doesn't bum me out, like The Last Jedi seems to bummed out so many people. you know, it is what it is"

"But when canon turns into laws of what you can and cannot do, in your movie, in your story, especially when its visual or based of some piece of equipment or something we've never seen in the franchise before, when it turns into string adherence to a laws, then shit i think some people have lost the heartbeat of star wars"

“Don’t be entitled, whining fuckhead”

“If you don’t like something, make videos on it, have fun with it. Don’t act like one piece of the puzzle ruins the whole picture for you”

"Playing the keys of the knee-jerk reaction hate piano every time something new is released"

“Some people will roll my eyes”

References[edit | edit source]

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