"I think it's really weird that nobody pronounces the P in Simpsons"

Jay Exci, or simply Jay, formerly known as CinemaSinsSins, Jay Exci's SinsSins, or simply SinsSins, is a young rhino and former Massive. She was the midseason villain of Season 1 of EFAP but was quickly redeemed and is currently one of the EFAP regulars and one of their closest allies in a fight against bad video essays, working as their manager.

Jay is just a simple farmer, harvesting the greatest drink know to man, while on the side farming cactus's and geodes.

Also owned hippo farm, bear farm, tiger farm and T-Rex farm for milk and meat, but they weren't as profitable as the Rhino Farm, so he had to give them up.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jay is a thin rhino in her human form, something not done usually by other members of her species. She wears glasses, a black beanie over brown hair, a yellow hoodie, and Ewok-colored pants. Jay is taller than Rags.

She is 1/10th unicorn from their unicorns side, its like if you had your parents and Jesus, but its unicorn. wears the hat to hide the horn and files it short when not wearing the hat. its curly horn.

was blond before put on hat.

might be made of granite. this explain their connection to the geodes. can also apparently become blob like being as they are homunculus.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jay is a kind and overall a nice person. While the EFAP crew are ""nice"" in general, Jay wears her niceness more on her sleeve, and typically manages to have better relationships with those who have an otherwise more negative view of EFAP. Jay is quite an informed and entertaining film reviewer, though she might not be quite on par with some of the other EFAPpers. She usually makes arguments into jokes as seen during his engagement during the Arrival Debate. She liked to tease Wolf a lot when he was still a host. She does believe in objectivity in art though he personally doesn't place much focus on it. Jay is willing to make friends even if that means she becomes a joke in the eyes of many. With that being said she will defend his friends to the last breath as seen during the Joker War with Jeb Nickels and her White Knights. Jay is often the one who will bring up an alternate viewpoint that other people on the stream may not have considered, and while no stranger to hot takes (seriously, not liking Back to the Future 2?), Jay is almost always willing to talk things out with someone who is up for it, a very respectable trait. Additionally, she loves geodes.

Stance on Christmas vs Halloween[edit | edit source]

Jay is on Team Halloween.

History[edit | edit source]

CinemaSinsSins[edit | edit source]

Before her introduction to EFAP, Jay began as CinemaSinsSins, a channel that responded to CinemaSins' "Everything Wrong With [Title]" series in her own "Everything Wrong With Everything Wrong With [Title]" series. Jay maintains that CinemaSins is not satire, or at least not good satire, and is instead just poorly-written. CinemaSinsSins would often cover other channels with the same format as CinemaSins, namely Brooks Show. She also later branched out to doing "Everything Wrong With" responses to videos other than CinemaSins' own "Everything Wrong With" videos, such as "Everything Wrong With Black Panther: An Unbridled Rage"...

Introduction as a Villain[edit | edit source]

SinsSins first crossed EFAP's radar when she made a response to MauLer's "Black Panther: An Unbridled Rage" with her "Everything Wrong With Black Panther: An Unbridled Rage." MauLer commented on her video thanking her for making constructive feedback and saying he would take a look at it on EFAP, and SinsSins replied thanking him for taking it well. MauLer, Rags, Wolf, and Fringy took a look at her video on EFAP 5 and refuted her arguments point by point, and expressed disappointment that his critique was not better. Jay's massivity made her the mid-season villain of EFAP Season 1.

thinks mauler intends to get his stuff out first

liked mauler for instead of nitpicking like cinema sins or being racist like no bullshit, he actually makes goes and criticizes the film and looks actual plot holes and nowt well thought out writing, just thought that he didn’t thought the black panther video through

first point is video editing

first time watching black panther he fell a sleep

Wakanda is isolationist and built walled city, even though they absorbed few tribes. wakondians see rest of the world as primitive, savage and aggressive. What would they gain by conquest, bigger borders? well, more land to grow food and build cities in?. “they have everything they need”, how about space, vegetation, shelter, drink, food?

thinks they are pacifist, even though they choose king by trial by combat, which he sees as part of “utopian city” “xenophobic utopia”

there might have been cultural shift that made them isolationist

they are pacifist, but killed people that found out about their city before the shield was up

city would only be legend (people in the olden days went after legends)

people that get to wakonda can’t get back since they had to cross the mountains and city is surrounded by impenetrable forest. also, they didn’t bring enough food to get back. there should be mountains and forest around the dome but there is none

misunderstand things like that supposedly person who is in on the secret, thinking he meant that he isn’t part of the masquerade

thinks google maps proves that people would believe that there is no wakonda

thinks straw huts on skyscrapers tech in Wakanda looks advanced

doesn’t understand how mauler sees kilmongers racist comments as awkward

challenging king to combat is probably a formality, compares trial by combat to wedding, how its formality to ask if anyone objects. combat keeps the king in check as otherwise they could be challenged. only backwards thing in trial by combat is the physical combat. combat its part of tradition so it makes sense that they kept it. doesn’t see why spear guys restricting combat area with their spears is un fair, as it shortens the area and dictates how much space they have to move

humans made the anti-flower juice

pacifist war rhinos stationed around the impenetrable forest, kept in check with vibranium fences

thinks it okay to harvest ivory from rhino horns, thinking its ethical as long as they keep the rhino population up

ethical pacifist slaughter

thinks tradition is end all be all answer to lot of reasons for the culture

gadgets shown don’t have to be used afterwards, nor do some of their limits have to be nailed down

bit two faced, saying he respects him but insults him back

Redemption[edit | edit source]

Jay unlisted her response to MauLer because she no longer felt it was well-argued. She appeared on EFAP 7 to have a chat with MauLer and the boys, making history as the first EFAP villain to come onto the show, and got along with them swimmingly. In keeping with the theme of Jay's channel and her first encounter with EFAP, together they took a look at a video on Black Panther's Killmonger and a CinemaSins video on Predator, a favorite film of MauLer's.

Cementing as a Regular[edit | edit source]

Some time passed before Jay was on another EFAP, until she returned for EFAP 19. With this, Jay went from simply a villain who was redeemed to a full-blown recurring guest. This began a long history of appearances on EFAP that continue to this day. Jay made good use of this landmark by bringing attention to the existence of spiders' ability to tell the future.

Establishment as Manager (ft Jay Jay Binks)[edit | edit source]

In EFAP 22, Jay once again rose through the ranks when it was revealed that she was actually the Manager of EFAP. On that same stream, Jay's alternate form of Jay Jay Binks was revealed. Manager Jay helped MauLer, Rags, and Wolf respond to Jack Saint's "Long Critique is Not Deep Critique," a task which proved so daunting that it had to extend past Rags and Wolf's availability and into EFAP 23, where Jay returned alongside ChaseFace, DasBoSchitt, and Smudboy.

EFAPs 26, 31, 32, 34[edit | edit source]


EFAPs 40 & 41[edit | edit source]

Jay joined in while the gang watched "DOOM Eternal Looks Terrible" with The Critical Drinker, in his first appearance, and then met the Doom Sausage Man, the video's author. He got some alchotisms for himself and stuck around into EFAP 41 with Drinker, Shad, and the boys, and later Fringy.

EFAPs 43 & 49[edit | edit source]


EFAP 50 - The One Year Anniversary of Pausing Every Frame[edit | edit source]


EFAP 51[edit | edit source]

Jay joined MauLer, Rags, Metal, and later DasBoSchitt for the first stream after the One-Year Anniversary, where they laid back, relaxed, and watched HelloGreedo build a TIE Fighter in Minecraft. They later took a look at a clip from a stream where fan of the show CelticPheonix tried to explain MauLer's content to a baffled FatmanFalling, and Jay raised the question everyone nobody else dare ask: What are the odds that FatmanFalling's chessboard has cum on it? The likelyhood of the answer being yes increased as the stream went on.

The Minecraft Stairs Debate[edit | edit source]

HelloGreedo's Minecraft shenanigans led to Rags and Jay arguing over whether it is possible to create a 2x2 spiral staircase in Minecraft, with Jay arguing for and Rags against. Jay was able to prove it was possible, a landmark victory for Jay against Rags.

EFAPs 52, 54, & 55[edit | edit source]


Murder at the hands of The Knights of Jen[edit | edit source]

While Jay did not appear in EFAP #59 - Responding to Jenny Nicholson's "Well, I didn't like Joker," she nonetheless found herself in the crosshairs of The Knights of Jen. The unjust attacks against her led to Jay needing to take a break from social media, but the hate could not keep her down forever, and she returned.

Back-and-Forth with NoBullshit[edit | edit source]

NoBullshit, formerly known as Brooks Show, was invited onto PSA Sitch and Adam Friended's stream to respond to accusations that he is a racist. During the stream, NoBS attempted to turn the tables on Sitch by accusing him of hanging around with dirty leftists like MauLer, and his proof that MauLer was a dirty leftist was that MauLer hung around with shady people like Jay. The biggest accusation NoBS made against Jay was that Jay said she wanted his freedom of speech taken away, so Jay made a quick video on the subject where he showed herself having explicitly stated that he does not think NoBS' freedom of speech should be taken away, then started an online petition for NoBS to change his profile picture to one of the guinea pigs from G-Force. NoBS' response to that was to simply make fun of Jay on Twitter, but he deleted his tweets shortly after. Jay livestreamed the event while appearing simultaneously on the Southpaw'dcast and everyone had a gay old time.

EFAPs 60, 62, 63, 65, 66, 68, 70, 71, 73, 78, 81, & 82[edit | edit source]


True Confrontation with NoBullshit[edit | edit source]

NoBullshit was brought onto Nicholas DeOrio's stream to defend himself against a whole host of accusations. They played Jay's video about NoBS, and he tried to argue that even though Jay said he did not want his freedom of speech taken away, she was secretly trying to send the message that he did. Jay appeared in chat and was then let into the stream, leading to the first direct conversation between the two. Jay had a gay old time and NoBS did not hold his own. After the fact, Jay described NoBS as "a chill lolcow." EFAP 83 was streaming simultaneously with DeOrio's, and Jay hopped on for about an hour and talked about Teletubbies with MauLer, Rags, and HeelvsBabyface.

EFAPs 85, 87, 89, 91, 94, 99, Mini 29 & 54, Gaming 5, 7, & 8[edit | edit source]


EFAP 100[edit | edit source]

Jay entered 5 hours into Part 3 of EFAP 100, and Wolf immediately asked if Jay had watched The Lord of the Rings. Upon request, Jay gave shoutouts to Headmetwall for his timestamp comments and Kibalkins for his running of efap.me. A conversation about cum led to Chat suggesting Voxis read another Chuck Tingle story, and at MauLer's request Jay gave the managerial go-ahead. Jay sat by with the rest of the roster as Voxis read Revengers Buttgame: Antguy Gets Small To Go Into Thamos' Butt And Then Gets Big And Hard, breaking the silence to shout "Fuck yeah!" when Antguy jerks off Thamos. Jay then changed his profile picture to Rule 34 art of his own face covered in what appeared to be mayonnaise, and stayed on for the remaining hour for some laid-back conversation.

EFAP 100 Minis[edit | edit source]

Jay joined MauLer, Rags, Wolf, Metal, and DasBo to watch The Last Stand of EFAP, an 18-minute long meme created by The Fellowship of the Meme, and commented that the Captain Marvel scenes from Avengers Endgame work so much better with a character they actually like. Jay joined that same band to react to the first round of EFAP 100 picture memes, then left to get some sleep before video memes started.

Post-EFAP 100[edit | edit source]

Jay returned for EFAPs 103 and 104 to see how Patrick Willems has been doing now that The Rise of Skywalker has been released, then appeared at the end of EFAP 108 to check out Knights of EFAP Episode 3. In EFAP 111, Jay was joined by his friend Medium D Speaks and Capital-O Opinions to witness MovieBob's younger days, then left and came back for superchats. Jay later joined MauLer, Rags, Fringy, Metal, M, and new guest Count Dankula on EFAP 114 after they were done with the video coverage for a game of Champ'd Up, then left after some Superchats. EFAP 116 was the drunkest Jay had ever been on an EFAP, and Jay donned a Santa hat after having been criticized

EFAP 117, Gaming 11 & 13[edit | edit source]


Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Rhino Milk[edit | edit source]

Jay was the first person in modern history to theorize rhinos' potential as a source of milk, in EFAP #5. Since then she has made massive strides in the cultivation of rhino milk, which has a diverse range of applications. Many other innovations in the unconvential milk industry, such as spider milk and ghost milk, have been inspired by Jay's initial discovery.

Spider Oracles[edit | edit source]

Jay was also the first person to theorize the existence of Spider Oracles, in EFAP 19. She theorized that Spider-Man's Spider-Sense suggested a more general ability of spiders at large to be able to foresee the future. Other laughed at this suggestion, but Jay turned out to be right.

Geodes[edit | edit source]

While geodes themselves are well-established, Jay was first made aware of their greater power that they held when a comment from a suspiciously Russian, suspiciously robotic account alluded to it. Jay soon became the beneficiary of the power of the geode.

Self-Aware Cringe[edit | edit source]

Jay proposed the concept of Self-Aware Cringe as a justification for the Hulk dab in Avengers: Endgame [1].

Not The Lord of the Rings[edit | edit source]

There are a variety of movies that Jay has not seen, the most egregious being The Lord of the Rings trilogy, much to the frustration of Wolf. Jay has seen The Fellowship of the Ring, but does not remember much of it as it was a long time ago [2]. On EFAP 50, Jay promised to watch the trilogy by EFAP 100, but did not.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Jay lacks combat skills and she dies in almost every fight she ever had, aside from her fight with NoBS, but he is a guinea pig. With that being said, Jay can revive herself from any scenario, including destruction of the planet as shown in EFAP 50 although it takes some time. She can also farm rhinos, manage EFAP, drop some Lore and harvest Rhino Milk from her brothers and sisters.

She has genetic disease that made him born without bones. His just gelatinous blob that hires a actor to portray him on screen, while he is in the corner directing him. jay travels by being carried in a bucket. He can get bones if someone gives him them. Jays head is like ice scream, since he has no bones, ears or eyes.

but aren’t we all just gelatinous blobs in the corner? Mauler is an octopus, but aren’t we all?

As a blob, Jay can skydive better and swim like a octopus, also gets checks from the government as he cant do any jobs as a blob.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Jay's story.

  • Jay does not know how to whistle.
  • Jay met a woman once. But her mother doesn’t count, so…
  • She thought that The Last Jedi was just "meh" before meeting EFAP.
  • Jay’s dad is shit and his mother is little, so he is a cute little shit.
  • She milks her own species
  • jay’s character development was to open a window, as some people live their entire lives without opening windows
  • jay has good enough connection to pandora to get to her box
  • Jay is the Kenny of memes, always dying and coming back
  • jay doesn’t like lexicons
  • jay was sponsored to do hentai game review by hentai game studio
  • jay is so bad at video games that he is put in shame cage
  • jay fiddles with 2 pence coins when he is sad, they are pretty big coins
  • jay is so thing than if he turns sideways, he disappears
  • jay is against baby rape
  • he died for our SinSins
  • Jay is majority share holder of EFAP
  • Jay hided the fact that his really a janitor by acting like the manager, or the other way around.
  • She is gay but she can't say the f-word.
  • Jay plaid Killed Instinct on Rubik's Cube, killed 7 out of 9 of the Instincts and played through 19 levels.
  • Jay once saw in Germany a lady with fox as a pet.
  • Subscribes to Life Magazine
  • Jay's second favorite cheese is brie and mozzarella is the first.
  • She's a big fan of Surreal Memes and an approved poster on their subreddit.[1]
  • You never know with Jay if he knows something.
  • jay puts his work and soul into his website
  • jay shits milk and cums from his nose
  • Jay is not the "big bi", but a "thin bi"
  • jay thinks his voice sound of testosterone
  • She refuses to advocate for the hyperspace kamikaze.[1]
  • The Chat secretly loves her.[1]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I win... using my superior facts and logic"


"Finally, acknowledgement."

"There's no reason not to farm rhinos"

"Can spiders actually do that?"

“do you know how big my cactus farm is?”

“nipple is just a nipple”

"ever since long time ago"

"its dust under the bridge, its dry season"

References[edit | edit source]

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