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"Are you sure about that?"

John Ellis Bush, more commonly Jeb Bush or simply Jeb, is an American politician who ran for President in the 2016 Presidential race.

Background Lore[]

Jeb was born February 11, 1953, the second son of former President George H W Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush, and a younger brother of former President George W Bush.

Jeb served as Governor of Florida from 1999-2007, and announced his presidential candidacy on June 15, 2015. He suspended his campaign on February 20, 2016, shortly after the South Carolina primary and endorsed Senator Ted Cruz on March 23, 2016.

Jeb's somewhat timid demeanor made him the subject of various memes, either expressing pity for his lower moments or lionizing him as a secret powerhouse. Most memes center around him having asked an audience to "please clap," when he was done speaking, or around him winning the presidency in an unexpected landslide.

EFAP Lore[]

In EFAP #59 - Responding to Jenny Nicholson's "Well, I didn't like Joker", Wolf changed his profile picture to an image of Jeb in the Joker poster to mark the occasion. This opened the floodgates for Jeb's influence to spread throughout the entire stream. Throughout the stream it was established that Jenny Nicholson has a small Jeb running on a hamster wheel inside her head to produce takes, but the Jeb has at some point died or passed out. Wolf also remained hopeful that Jeb would appear from inside the large plush Porg in the background of her room. Jenny was granted the nickname "Jebby," and the hosts made sure to remind the audience to water their Jebs.

On EFAP #94 it was revealed that he is a fictional character which makes him both fictional and real.

Little Jeb's[]

there is little jeb in everyone's head going trough memory files, while he also runs on hamster wheel inside the skull. when new information comes, he files it to the right file while still running in the wheel.

Best way to keep the Jeb running is by watering him.


  • begs clapping, nobody knows his politics
  • doesn’t like bullying
  • doesn’t age
  • next time comes in rally as dressed in porg