“In fact, let’s just go right ahead and call virtual reality headsets exactly what they are; they are privilege goggles[1]

Jim Sterling is a supposedly "pro-consumer" game reviewer[2] who loves strapping weird masks to his face.[1] He is known for his dogged support of the terrible Epic Games Store, which he betrayed after it became too unpopular. He also dresses like a Nazi for some reason.

Attack on VR Evangelism[edit | edit source]

“Customers with physical disabilities might as well not bother with a Vive”[1]

In one video, Jim smeared the entire Virtual Reality industry as "ableist video games", thought that the vr would be just “left to die on the street” the vr would be too pricey, as cheapest at the time was 400$ and it would require a lot of space, since you are meant to move around. Also, people with common physical ailments, such as being too fat to move, being in a wheel chair or with eye issues, might have trouble playing them and shouldn't even bother buying them. VR in his opinion are "snake oil" and comparing to motion controls its not going to be that big in the future and it wouldnt make gaming any better. The HTC Vive in particular drew his ire; he called it "hideous", "bulky sweat-box" and "excluding". He defended his peculiar statements by saying the "zealous VR cult" and "The Evangelists" doesn't think about them enough.[1]

Jim wearing Fringy's skull.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He gave Hellblade a 1/10 and said that Yooka-Laylee is a racist game.[2]
  • Frequently contacts Oracle Spiders to get future knowledge on gaming scene, but doesn't always get answers from them.
  • Always tells when he is right, but never when he is wrong.
  • Can only play VR for 20 minutes.
  • its "privilege" to not be poor, blind, fat or disabled.
  • thinks that product must cater to everyone or it will fail as exclusive things tend to.
  • He killed Fringy and wore his skull. How Fringy survived this is unknown.[1]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“why cant things just exist?” talking about how people talk about thins being the future of something

"I love strapping things to my face"

References[edit | edit source]

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