“It’s not my fault his voice is like the worst thing in existence” - Wolf[1]

Jonathan McIntosh is the diviner, the indeceiveable. He knows your heart. He knows your mind. He knows your intentions and your deepest desires. There is no running from his sacred justice. There is no hiding from his all-seeing eye. Face his judgement and repent, or be destroyed.

What He Sees[edit | edit source]

your racisextisms

The Last Jedi[edit | edit source]

McIntosh had strong praise for The Last Jedi's subversion of expectations, particularly noting the genders of the people involved. He cited Finn's attempt to sacrifice himself to stop a miniature Death Star laser from firing at his friends, which was of course thwarted by Rose, as being foolish on account of sacrifice being a masculine stereotype, and yet had no criticism of Admiral Holdo (a woman) sacrificing herself mere minutes earlier, or Luke Skywalker (a man) sacrificing himself to stall the villains for a few minutes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like Just Write, McIntosh has mastered the soft sounding "Essayist Voice."
  • Women only matter if they're ugly.
  • Macintosh speaks from his heart about other people’s hearts.
  • Most Action-Adventure films character archetypes evolved from Independence day, Avatar (the blue one) and Lord of the Rings.
  • Sacrificing yourself to save your friends is bad and wouldn't work.
  • Luke fell into a trap, so he's not a great Jedi warrior.
  • The Thmeme is that this isn't supposed to happen to space wizards. He even wrote a book about it, "Epitome of Masculinity: What Should And Should not Happen To Space Cowboys And Space Wizards, I Guess". They have harems of female servants that obey them.
  • The Room has a Space Vampire.
  • He doesn’t think Wolf is a real wolf.
  • He doesn’t want characters to sacrifice themselves or suffer violent deaths. EFAP suggests that those characters should have heart attacks to appease this.
  • Rags doesn’t find him conventionally or unconventionally attractive and "Wolf thinks his weight gain made Anita leave him and he has a extremely punchable face.
  • Even Anita Sarkeesian didn’t want to deal with him.

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