"All of those mansplainers who wanted to have a clever point about Captain Marvel being the villain ended up becoming the thing that they hate most in this world; they are wrong on the internet." ― LegalEagle mansplaining to EFAP[1]

LegalEagle is a lawyer who makes YouTube videos where he talks about law and reviews scenes from movies from a lawyer's perspective. He crossed EFAP's radar when he slandered The Don as a batterer in order to clear the name of Captain Marvel.

Accusations Against The Don[edit | edit source]

At the end of the day this tempest in the teapot was really about select few people who wanted to have a very idiosyncratic view of this deleted scene.

people were doing pseudo-legal analysis of the scene and were getting it wrong, so he decided to offer real lawyers perspective. he thought the controversy as "ridiculous" and that the movie only had "slightly more controversy" than the other marvel movies, using his expertise with lawyer language to get the crowd on his side by downplaying the situation.

he immediately inserts that its men or mostly men that are complaining about captain marvel, taking control of the narrative and trying to turn people on his side by portraying the opposition as bad people that hate Brie Larson because of her gender and few of her comments were " semi controversial things about racism and sexism", and consider those things controversial. They tired to boycott the movie, but didn't seem to have no effect by making the movie loose money, but still doing fine.

The scene let to "reaction in certain parts of the internet", that thought her as a villain for seeing someone being "rude" to her as deserving of physical violence and theft of their property.

From his point of view that is "legally and morally incorrect" and he isn't saying it to be contrarian

mostly did the video as he was making law-school test with similar idea behind it.

people were trying to shoehorn the scene and the movie in a "conservative narrative"

he says that the legal analysis is "mostly factual analysis" and went through the scene with excruciating detail

didn't know if carol was reading a map or a newspaper

The Don took part in "unwanted overture" when he said "need a right darling" , which isn't polite, but not illegal either and carol is in her right to ignore him and not get involved with him in any shape or form.

Don got of his motorcycle and took his helmet off. if he had it on the don would have been in the right

thinks the distance between the don and captain marvel is "matter of inches" when he lowers the map, reaching his hand like its directly inn front of him

believes that "how about a smile for me, huh" can be seen as a threat, showing that he is not a "nice guy" and crucial evidence is that he invaded her personal space and stays there even when the map is lowered. this means that he committed "assault and Battery"

  • Battery: criminal offense involving the unlawful physical contact of another person, considered harmful or offensive.
    • ca penal code battery: Any wilful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another
    • Criteria for Battery: "Intention and unlawful contact inflicted in a harmful or offensive manner" and "Defendant did not act in self-defense or in defense of another"
  • Assault: any credible threat or attempt to create apprehension of harmful contact

the handshake could be consider congitual

he doesn't know what her powers are since he has not seen the movie, which let him to think that The Don could be threat

Acknowledges that The Don is in pain from the handshake

even the slightest touch is good enough to count as battery if it was harmful or offensive, especially eggshells skull theory (legal principle which states that the frailty, weakness, sensitivity or feebleness of a victim cannot be used as a defense in a tort case) so if person is fragile, you have to pay for the damages to person if you hurt them .

battery counts with direct contact or with things attached to people, like the map in her hands

assault would be him coming to her even though she clearly didn't want him near her

The Don initiate force, so Captain Marvel is morally in right to use force on him, especially since she didn't make the force into deadly force.

and don was a ass-hat that probably didn't deserve to have his property stolen, but he committed battery and deserve some of it. we can argue about the amount of force, or what sort of fear she got from him, but we can conclude that she was villain d that the DOn was the victim. some or the force was justified.

Using all of his legal loophole knowledge, LegalEagle attempted to concoct a claim that The Don committed battery and assault against Captain Marvel, a crime which justified the latter's torture, extortion, grand theft auto, and possibly even war crimes against orphans. His claims included that Don was invading personal space by coming within a multitude of inches of Captain Marvels' map. Also, only men had a problem with the incident, which was shot for shot same as scene in Terminator 2 so it's okay as nobody called terminator villain everyone knows that he is the hero (he cuts the part where Arnie is burned by the cigarette before he attacks people). He even had the gall to criticize Don's fashion choices after slandering him.[1]

Answering to critique[edit | edit source]

Calling dons actions asssault is justified since there have been cases like where persons plate was snatched from their hands

says that he dident agree with her stealing the vehicle, but agreeed that some of the foce she used was justified by The Dons actions

Trivia[edit | edit source]

“I think lesser of IndoChino because you like them. Your admiration of them is a stain on their reputation.” - Rags's[1]

  • Some have claimed that he made good videos once, but this is unconfirmed.[1]
  • video made Rags want to hate-fuck someone

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