"Who cares if there's a bunch of women in the film? You get to look at women!"[1]

Maj0r Lee is a film editor and YouTuber who loves The Last Jedi and will defend it at any cost, either to his own dignity or to the sanity of others. He frequently uses his unending smugness to attack the "close-minded whiny fanboys" who didn't appreciate Rian's masterpiece in the same way he did, and views said individuals as "mentally unfit to sit in the movie theater".[1]

Defense of The Last Jedi[edit | edit source]

“Being mad that they decided to deepen the story just makes you sound, I don’t know, not very smart.”[1]

Lee's arguments in favor of TLJ mostly boiled down to declaring that an element is good because he liked it. He loved the various subversions of expectations because if the film followed JJ's storyline, it would have been too predictable. The twist of Rey being nobody and her power coming from nothing was especially great, because he predicted it.[1] Above all, he loved the film because there were women in it that he could look at. Because of its real sets, actual visual imagination, fresh and emotive plot, insanely underrated comedy, and wildlife with dramatic purpose, the film was great, perfect, excellent, phenomenal, amazing, and definitely starwarsy. He could have gone on for hours like this, but he ran of of adjectives.

History with EFAP[edit | edit source]

"You've got one long meme, you've got me!"[2]

Maj0r Lee first caught EFAP's attention when he insulted MauLer on Twitter, allowing the Long Man to know who he was.[1] After this very professional and cordial act, the EFAP crew tore his video's "logic" to shreds and he instantly became one of the most memetic EFAP villains. Unlike most creators covered on the show, Lee actually decided to come on and talk several episodes later, as he found the coverage of his video to be humorous. Though he was mostly friendly, especially in comparison to his initial video, his arguments weren't any less frustrating.[2]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"Slice and Dice!" - Maj0r Lee screaming in the theater

  • Phenomenal, Excellent Attitude - Lee is the only one who can rival Hbomberguy's level of smugness.[1]
  • Male Gaze - he can look at women.[1]
  • Supercut - he inserts clips of more entertaining creators and then insults them.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

“If you want to see something truly idiotic, I got you bro”[2]

References[edit | edit source]

"For me, fully bad is when everything sucks."[2]

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