"Who cares if there's a bunch of women in the film? You get to look at women!"[1]

Maj0r Lee is a film editor and YouTuber who loves The Last Jedi and will defend it at any cost, either to his own dignity or to the sanity of others. He frequently uses his unending smugness to attack the "close-minded whiny fanboys" who didn't appreciate Rian's masterpiece in the same way he did, and views said individuals as "mentally unfit to sit in the movie theater".[1]

Defense of The Last Jedi[edit | edit source]

“Being mad that they decided to deepen the story just makes you sound, I don’t know, not very smart.”[1]

Lee's arguments in favor of TLJ mostly boiled down to declaring that an element is good because he liked it. He loved the various subversions of expectations because if the film followed JJ's storyline, it would have been too predictable. The twist of Rey being nobody and her power coming from nothing was especially great, because he predicted it.[1] Above all, he loved the film because there were women in it that he could look at. Because of its real sets, actual visual imagination, fresh and emotive plot, insanely underrated comedy, and wildlife with dramatic purpose, the film was great, perfect, excellent, phenomenal, amazing, and definitely starwarsy. He could have gone on for hours like this, but he ran of of adjectives.

Luke is farmer, so he must love drinking milk from directly from creature, even though he was farming moisture and drink blue milk not green milk. “Its part of the job”

Ryian didn’t trash what JJ set up, go watch FA and they could be setting things up

JJ left things too open for speculation

if he predicts something, his a great writing person, everyone else makes e prediction, its too predictable

because rey says her parents are nobodies and kylo confirms it, it means that kylo didn’t lie, you think she was lying to him?

Lukes ending was perfect, it was like obiwans, only 10 times more awesome since he used force to trick kylo, which is in lukes character, as much as luke skywalker as its going to get

if you hate lukes story line, blame JJ, not Ryian

how could we not let the past die, since it’s the only way to do something new and have impact on 2019?

resistance was better and never rebel alliance and subtle, not by the more soldiers, since that didn’t work,

in the past we were shown only few people could use force and now we get to know that that wasn't all that was there, now everyone get to use the force, no names, which is what its going to take to take down the empire. sequels need identity and to be bigger, and that’s what we got. 9th episode should be about lot of nobodies using force, like fin and poe, or at least ending with it

luke is not absolute if everyone has the force, as he has the biggest heart and sacrifice himself to save others and pass the baton to rey after teaching her

story was supported by “top shelf acting” “real sets” “disgusting amount of practical effect” and “actual visual imagination”

we saw good guys fighting one another and fighting with bad guys, which was different

movie had “deep subtext of failure” “dark and complex character arcs”

thinks luke tying to kill ben solo is part of jedi training, ta cut of all attachments

luke didn’t kill his father, so he redefined the force

thinks the scene of luke trying to kill be is deeply layered and he could analyze it forever

kylo being evil might be his destiny to be evil

luke was mister perfect in the last jedi and was still tempted by the dark side, so it makes sense that he would try the same here, “the clearest, most honest scene”

its tragic that kylo became evil because luke tried to prevent it, which follows the setup in force awakens

there was theme of false future, which ryan used well in Looper

not knowing if hero or the villain is turning to dark/light side is being on the edge of your seat

original trilogy’s message was to “love your family, no matter how shitty they are”, new ones is “if you have an abusive boyfriend, you should not tr to change him as his not your family and you are just on different paths”, “”pretty good successor to the original theme

film fixed prequals problems, midiglorians aren’t a thing, jedies overlooking emperors rise was acknowledged, Leiea kissing luke was normal, Hucks being one dimensional and serious was made into joke, poe is perfect and now he fucks up and kills people,

luke being shit in universe was wakeup call to rey and simultaneously to us to lionized him

Luke is “just a dude with the force”

glamorization is also show by fin liking canto bight but Rose shows him that its evil place

point of can to bight is that you should stop enjoying Star Wars, thinks fans are greedy with their nostalgia

Rey is given the most important task, fin is given pointless task, which still is as important as everything else as they met force sensitive kid and showed how resistance is real. this random moment could be important. “it also send the message of maybe being a rebel is the same as being a jedi”

every single moment of the movie matters

somehow connects roses sisters death to rose giving resistance ring to broom boy

women took he back seat during the 3rd act

says how things are good without telling why

kid raised him broom up like a sword, which made him so happy, especially remembering what luke had said

guy rants about the feminism and mocks the guy, saying that he was spanked by his female teacher

who cares about the mutiny, since it didn’t go anywhere

doesn’t think that the film is feminist film

Leia wasn’t flying, she was pulling herself forward

thinks holdo is underrated

people died when poe wasn’t told the plan and they died when he was in charge, so it doesn’t matter what holdo does

the angry ranters he showed were better, as they more often elaborated on with facts instead of with how they just felt, although there were others that were just angry

mocks people that are mad, even though he is in the other direction

the last jedi has “the most character driven space battle in the whole series”

thinks that being nobody was the most relatable theme in the franchise films

thinks rey is the most powerful jedi, stronger than luke and snoke, even though he said that luke was strongest

people should get past how rey is the most powerful jedi, especially since we are now “two movies in”

thinks spectacle is the heart of starwars

you must know about everything in the brand if you wear shirt with the francises name

thinks snoke and luke are weaker than klo and rei and have to use tricks to beat them

thinks its mindless and easy for luke to deflect laser in the final fight if he was there in person and that it would be out of his character, especially since his old and has not trained with the lightsaber for years

kylo is stronger than luke, but now that his dead, he can shoot lightning at him

he climaxed at the ending, making whole theater pregnant

constant argument “what, would you rather have….. This is better”

calls last jedi having “densely packed scenes”

thinks canto bight deepened the stor

thinks Luke didn’t want to go to help in person since he didn’t want to die, so he died

only wore the mask to cover up that he was conflicted and broke it because his masted belittled him and he wanted to kill him

doesn’t think killing han solo makes kylo decide to be evil or when he slaughtered people

think rey and kylo having their fingers touch has lot of stakes

you should root for kylo to kill snoke, as his not important, he or his backstory

mocks people, calling the indirectly stupid, misogynist and mentally ill

thinks the codebreaker was staking out the jail sell to catch “high bounty” resistant members so he get money from them by selling them to first order

thinks its not stupid to free the animals, when they are in a deadline

thinks broom boy is subtly influence to become next resistance

thinks rose is teaching fin how to have good intentions and saved his life by hitting his ship

its JJS fault for leaving everything open

it doesn’t matter how luke lightsaber ended in the  bar

thinks people just want people sitting around talkng, instead things should be happening

thinks luke throwing lightsaber of the cliff is “basically saying that the force is bigger than just the jedi, bigger than the lightsabers”

likes the last jedi because the film pisses people off and if you get pissed off, you deserve to get pissed off

thinks ryan and JJ “carved out a solid trilogy”

thinks they have to kill the original characters in order to make change into starwars

criticism isn’t bother or getting to the Disney is because they made bank with the film

starwars heart is spectacle, but he doesn’t want there to be spectacle

belittles the fact that people had expectations set up by JJ that were not paid off by the last jedi

just because he didn’t want the lightsaber he throws it like in some comedy sketch

writes novels worth of analysis

because the lightsaber throw you know the film is going to be interesting

you see lot of split imagery since the opinion was going to split

History with EFAP[edit | edit source]

"You've got one long meme, you've got me!"[2]

Maj0r Lee first caught EFAP's attention when he insulted MauLer on Twitter, allowing the Long Man to know who he was, saying that his life didn’t have purpose before he bitched about the last jedi and made too long video.[1]

After this very professional and cordial act, the EFAP crew tore his video's "logic" to shreds and he instantly became one of the most memetic EFAP villains. Unlike most creators covered on the show, Lee actually decided to come on and talk several episodes later, as he found the coverage of his video to be humorous. Though he was mostly friendly, especially in comparison to his initial video, his arguments weren't any less frustrating.[2]

likes Star Wars battlefront 2, mostly for the story and the fanservice. thinks the micro transactions negative is overshadowed by the full games positive. also doesn’t think the micro transactions (star cards, that enhance characters abilities) don’t matter, unless you want to win. just making the payid upgrades be cosmetics would take them fun away from upgrading

you cant talk about game if you have not played about it, even if its something like micro transactions

transactions don’t matter, not because they don’t make the characters better, but because the game is fun regardless

sees rose as “pure fighter who lost her other half”

thinks rose puts fin in line and that fin would have big role in 9th movie

thinks fin was cowardly and that his plan was dumb and wasn't going to work and there wouldn’t be movie if they didn’t make dumb mistakes

thinks there should be balance between fighting and saving, even though movie promotes saving instead of fighting

thinks only two options are that kylo either kills luke or killed by luke. something has to happen. thinks its possible for luke to not kill kylo, but it wouldn’t be good possibility, not very big happening or affective, “we need to take it to the next level”

thinks kylo could beat luke because his “buff”, “dath wall”, but ray beat kylo “sure rey beat kylo, but she’s the good guy, we don’t want the good guys to lose”

luke and snoke are not as strong as the new characters and has to use mind-tricks to beat them

doesn’t think that luke beating kylo makes no sense, as he wouldn’t want to kick kids ass after setting him on dark path

thinks lukes end was “best way to kill him off” as that was where the story was going and it made the most sense

there wouldn’t be any good reason him to not be there when Han died

snoke didn’t need backstory

thinks people wanted luke to fight snoke and that they wanted another emperor from snoke

snoke is the key to everything, but in his opinion he doesn’t have to be, especially since now kylo is the key

makes theories in response to other peoples theories and you have to research them to understand

kylo wants to be the most powerful jedi, “why wouldn’t he want that?”

thinks kylo wanted to rule with rey

it should be about rey and kylo, like the original, but the story ahs to “get to the next level”

main conflict is that “kylo is a bitch”

thinks vito is child for only liking kylo for his mask

was okay with luke reacting to hans death off-screne

han luke and leiea not interacting asa a group is okay, since we can appreciate the original movies

8 is darker because it further in the series and it has to be

found the flashbacks effective

movie wasn’t convoluted

he was in heaven when he saw the movie first time, as cantobight was pure adventure, fun, has purpose

they didn’t save the kids, well he was slike six and was born thete, not unlike the horses. since his young he doesn’t think that much about how its republics fault that his a slave and that his jedie and should be in the fight on the resistance side

thinsk that the kid was just a symbol

kylo wouldn’t tell the truth that luke wss just projection, as it would make him look bad

its not a problem because it didn’t bother him

the captured anomals went back t their familiea and maybe wont be captured again, so its okay

things were explained enough for him, but sometimes they were explained bit too much, like the mechanics behind the chase

thinks that the chase plot has less stakes than rey and luke, and rey and kylo plots

only send couple of tie fighters because kylo was there and he ws like “I got this” and they didn’t send more because they didn’t have more tie fighters or maybe they didn’t want to spends more

says both sides are guilty of making up shit that happened in the film

random henchman knife disappearing is not like lukes lightsaber disappearing randomly, as its lightsaber and it wasn’t meant to be part of the story

maybe there should have been blue shield around reia instead of her flying or they could have made the flying longer as it was too quick and therefore jarring.

maybe leia just learned the flying in the spot, like rey

thinks its poes fault too that the dj found out the plan

thinks poe was pitch perfect and it was good that the last jedi gave him flaws, he likes that they made him contractionary by making him great flier but bad leader and he needed to be told about his flaws by superior

thinks rey is forgiving and more forgiving than luke, as he was willing to turn down kylo

res mistake was falling for kylo

rationalizes the decision based on the result, like how peo made mistakes because if he didn’t do anything everything would have been fine or holdo thought he would blab the plan, as poe is showed to do with dj

poe was snappy, so he didn’t get to know the plan

luke is like a puppet master, by not being a puppetmaster

villains are blinded by their emotions

kylo is dummie

kylo wouldn’t be this evild if he wasent their kid

thinkt the last jedi was made for the fan that didn’t wan repeats of the original trilogy, so it was great that snoke was killed

thinks the movie made you like kylo, like how he kills other villains

he claped and jumped around, “what are you, a child?”

seeing r2d2 dident make him clap, guy getting shredded made him

likes whe starwars does starwars

kylo hates his dad because hos han solo, you think han would be good father?

kylo should be a mystery, you shouldn’t know what he is going to do, if you knew what his moves were he would be boring

rey save kylo by fighting with him

kylos only motivation is that his evil

thinks rey and kylo have love relation, considering that the starwars has relations

thinks that finger touching makes them in love and that they have chemistry

thinks space opera means soap opera in space

thinks that main story is rey and kylo, or its going to be rivalry

thinks there is sexual attention between the first face to face moment between kylo and rey

thinks you shouldn’t go to movies with idea of where the story goes

thought that the tentacle monster in millennium falcon had no stakes

thinks that starwars should be soap opera in disguise

thought that luke was going to kill kylo

thinks lukes fixes his mistake in the end

you can take things in a direction, but they wouldn’t be  as good

thought lukes arc her e was better and was condensed into one film

luke deserved to make mistakes , have dimensions and deserved to be flawed

thinks people have “messianic view”

its dramatic a dn interesting that luke is pathetic

if people love a movie, it can’t be the worst movie in the world

something is in fim that you can debate it, so you can just use theories and future possible evidence to use as evidence for facts, like how kylo and rey are in love is could be since 9th movie had not come out yet, so saying they are in love can be argued since we don’t know

kylo has some kind of feeling for rey, “it might be love, you can interper it as love”

it made perfect sens that luke threw away his lightsaber, as it was unexpected

imagdry, when sun goes down, kylo goes bad and kills his dad

likes being over th top and corny. knows his points are stupid

wants to give ryan a hug and katline

fucking your grandma is not like playing games as playin is supposed to be fun

thinks rags and vito saound similar

only uses “maybe” because he doesn’t want to be definitive and only uses when he is sure

its boring if villain is one dimensional, but its okay if it’s the archetype, like pure evil mob boss

thinks kylo is new type o villain

rey failed enough and the protagonist needs to eb powerful

last jedi was fitting sequal to force awakens

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"Slice and Dice!" - Maj0r Lee screaming in the theater

  • Phenomenal, Excellent Attitude - Lee is the only one who can rival Hbomberguy's level of smugness.[1]
  • Male Gaze - he can look at women.[1]
  • Supercut - he inserts clips of more entertaining creators and then insults them.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

“If you want to see something truly idiotic, I got you bro”[2]

  • His uncle is a lawyer who defended a perpetrator of The Fappening.[2]
  • He's still better than Not So Great Debate Guy according to The Chat.[3]
  • Quinton is also worse.[4]
  • He agrees with MauLer's opinion that Yooka-Laylee is underrated.[2]
  • Lee created the first woman so he could look at her, but he had to proof the "Tactile Design" from Jack Saints wife's boyfriend.
  • sounds like a real life mr plinkitt
  • he is right, we don’t deserve trilogy from ryan johnson
  • his other videos are “Why cannibalism is underrated” and “the top 10 reasons why daisy ridley should date me”
  • hides behind slot machines and tells people they are evil for gambling
  • celebrated “democratization of mediocrity”, everyone being able to use the force
  • During the debate with Lee, MauLer attempted to be neutral and civil, but Lee's arguments made even him angry.[3]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“TLJ, Umm you taste that? tastes like closed minded whiny fanboy tears”

“I guess you cant deny that this is love it or hate it kind of film” people may hate how things were changed or like how they were changed between the two movies

“people clearly did not appreciate the fact that this is one of the greatest scenes in all Star Wars history, since they were too attached to their absolute dog shit theories about who this character was” talking about snoke being killed

“people certainly did not appreciate the excellent twist of reys parent being actual nobodies, because they were too obsessed with even dumber theories who she was”

“I’ve said it before and I say it again, each and every one of those rey theories if they actually happened in the film, they would have the dramatic weight of a feather, they are not good. if you don’t see how this is much more relatable and better dramatic reveal than being #somebody famous daughter”, you really don’t appreciate good story telling. And if you guys were able to come up with said theories, that’s the definition of the word predictable, you just predicted it and that twist would have been exactly like empire only not good at all. instead we get this whole new theme of, yes she is a nobody and everybody can learn force now”

“Now there is at least one person that I now of, whose prediction about rey actually came true ”Him “and man does it feel good to be right”

“that is what luke will be know for in this trilogy, reinventing the force and for the better”

film had “three new detailed worlds, all with their own creatures and sub-plots going on, which were all subtly weaved into the story. even the wildlife in this movie had dramatic purpose. film actually took risks”

“fact that kylo likes rey is something different, we have had bunch of villains that just all the good guys”

“Oh my god it just send me chills just by thinking about it”

“film just feels good to look at”

“Ugh, not only is this guy wrong, his just a blatant douche about it”

“comedy in this movie was insanely underrated”

“dude you need to start smoking weed or stop, one or the other”

“get your ego out of the picture and pay attention to the plot”

“Yeah, if you like a movie, you are in a path to darkness, but hating it with rage, yeah that’s not dark at all”

“That was not the whole point of the film, there was lot of stuff going on in that film, you had kylo, you had snoke, you had han and leia, history of luke and kylo, fin not being a Stormtrooper anymore, and phasma and hucks and poe”

“movie was literally connecting with me at a spiritual level”


“good luck with your hate”

“weird would be if luke pulled out a snicker bar and started showing it up his butthole”

“this isn’t me in my own head? HMMM… isn’t everything you say in your head but spoken out loud?”

“JJ created characters that were good, fans came up horrible theories about them, ryan actually developed the characters in a fresh and natural way and made them better and you don’t get film”

“everything in this movie was good, you just didn’t appreciate it, everything made sense, you just didn’t get it, all the changes were necessary, you just weren’t ready for them, everything was starwarsy as shit, you just had different definition of what that meant in our head”

“the perception of this movie really shows that starwars fans have a lot of issues, but more importantly they really forgot how to sit and watch a film. instead of making a boring cash grab film that just feels like a trip to the starwars museum, this movie had the balls to burn a few things down and make some changes, making the series feel fresh again. oi don’t know if you guys wanted that but that’s is what this series needed.”

Rags "its not about that" Lee"You are right its not about that"

“okay, whatever”

"thats one way to look at it, definitely, and that’s why it’s so cool, cause you can look at it as his taunting him and making fun of him or you can look at it as his apologizing“

“exactly, who fucking cares who snoke is”

“if snokes alive, that would be fun”

“he is so fucking tortured” Kylo

"i see that you opinion is totally valid, but you could do this with any film"

“its not a big deal”

“it was supposed to be this big mess, that’s why its good, that’s why I loved it. there should be a scene in this movie that goes nowhere and is just a aimless adventure”

“it is, it just is”

“you could say that”

“its debatable”

“its different, you got to admit that”

“this is fucking starwars”

“in a way, maybe”

“that’s totally possible”

“your just not seeing it from female characters points of view”

“krate is perfect”

“that is a great question that I think your supposed to be asking”

“its possible”

“but it was unexpected, it almost came out of nowhere”

“no, it was fucking great”

“you are going to get mad that hero kills enemies, are you kidding me?”

“some people could think that, but it doesn’t matter”

“kylo doesn’t have motivation”“even if he doesn’t, that’s good”

“whenever he knows that his corrupted or not, I don’t know”

“its fucking original, but it has similar theme”

“they are both valid” “you could interpret it as either one”

“there are people that interpret it as a romance”

“that’s fucking great”

”doesn’t matter, its all good”

“his the fin”

“it’s a thing you can interpret, yes its not in stone,  they don’t say they love each other, but it’s a theory”

“it is, it just is”

“I like it better, its my opinion”

“no one can argue that the last jedi is better film that empire strikes back”

“I know I will never convince you guy, but its all good”

References[edit | edit source]

"For me, fully bad is when everything sucks."[2]

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