Mark Brown is the first of all the generic essayists, the progenitor of their unholy arts. Few can approach his level of mastery in saying absolutely nothing in as many words as possible. He and Just Write form the two pillars of GDELB.[1]

Wilford Brimley (alive)[edit | edit source]

One cannot talk about Mark Brown without first mentioning Wilford Brimley (alive).

His Videos[edit | edit source]

Mark Brown's channel, Game Maker's Tool Kit, is dedicated to explaining mechanics in video games. As EFAP has learned, he often presents extremely basic concepts and makes them sound complicated with slick editing and a thesaurus' worth of fancy words. He's only interesting if you’ve never played a game before, or if you're three years old. His videos teach you how to avoid blind subservience in games like Darks Souhls by using thumb gymnastics to combine the verbs to read a map. Except if you have a disability that prevents you from pressing buttons.[1]

Trivia[1][edit | edit source]

  • Wilford Brimley (alive) is alive.
  • He might have gone to school with Jay's mum.
  • A button can also be pressed more than once.
  • If he sees one UI element in a game, his immersion is ruined.
  • He causes children to become outcasts by confusing their vidya knowledge.
  • Rags is still mad at Mark for not sharing what the secret is.

References[edit | edit source]

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