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"He's German?"

- ThatStarWarsGirl, on Metal

Metal Commander, or simply Metal, is a German ally of EFAP and one of the EFAP regulars. He is most known for being German and being featured in previous videos of MauLer.


Metal's original avatar

Metal's most distinctive features are his thick brown beard and his headphones which he almost never takes off. His short hair, like his beard, is brown. He wears a gray shirt and his lower half remains a mystery as it has never shown. His eyes are almost constantly shedding tears. The Meme Lore regularly portrays him wearing the "I was hacked!" shirt.


"I get it, I'm not a very well-developed character in EFAP. Sorry."

- EFAP Gaming 3

Metal is a German being with a fondness for alcohol. His biggest trait is his close friendship with MauLer, often hanging out, drinking and even visiting him despite living in Germany. He and Fortea form the trio with MauLer that knew each other in real life before MauLer met Rags and Wolf.

He is a great devotee of Jeb, often saying phrases like "watering my Jebs," "outer Jebs," and "welcome to the new Jebcade." Similarly, he is quite fond of the word "Tisms."



Metal was born to his German mother and German father. At some point he started his Twitch channel and met MauLer and Fortea. He was present during the Screen Tear Podcast, Critique of Yooka Lailee, and the Dark Souls II response.

vs Joseph Anderson[]

Despite being present in MauLer's content before EFAP, Metal was absent for the entirety of Season 1, making his first appearance on EFAP in the beginning of Season 2, where he helped the gang take a look at Joseph Anderson's "Why Horror Games Dont' Scare Me."

vs Wolf-Bot 3000[]

Metal joined MauLer, Rags, and Wolf for a few hours of Pummel Party in EFAP Gaming 3, though he didn't expect the horrors that would transpire as a result. When Wolf left, Metal, MauLer, and Rags witnessed the genesis of Wolf-Bot 3000, a hypercompetent AI created in Wolf's image. The three suffered repeatedly at the hands of Wolf-Bot, and had to work together to secure a victory for flesh over machine. When Rags defeated Wolf-Bot, the three of them battered the corpse of its in-game form.

The Batwoman Trailer[]

Metal joined MauLer, Rags, and Wolf to watch the trailer for Batwoman, marking the beginning of a season's worth of Tisms for all of which Metal would be present.

Season 3[]

Metal's contribution to most of the duration of Season 3 was in the form of cameos, with him appearing right at the end of EFAP 36 to transition into a stream with the gang on his Twitch, and then appearing in the aftermath of the first Spider-Man debate to read Superchats with MauLer. Metal then appeared for the entirety of episodes 48, where he learned what made Good Rat from Browntable and why the Star Wars Original Trilogy was a racist, politically correct demon-worshipping RoboCop ripoff and why Tywin Lannister is the Apex Homo from the Remarkable Republican, and 49, where he watched MovieBob use the power of the metanarrative to prove that The Last Jedi is a love letter to Star Wars. Metal then appeared for the first few hours of Part 3 of EFAP 50, where he joined the gang to look at memes.

Season 4 - Dark Fate Trailer, Episode 51, Batwoman 1-2, Gaming 4, Batwoman 3, Dark Fate, Batwoman 4-7, 63, Batwoman 8[]


Season 5 - Episodes 66, 68, DOOM, Infinitisms 1-3, 70, 71, Infinitisms 4, 73, Infinitisms 5, Superchat Catchup III, Batwoman 10-12[]


John Wick 3 Review[]

In March of 2020, Metal finally uploaded his review of John Wick 3, where he went over why the film doesn't mesh with what we've been shown in the first John Wick. It was unfortunately taken down by a bogus copyright claim, leading Metal to have to upload an altered version in July.

Season 6 - Episodes 82, Superchat Catchup IV & V, 87, Godzilla, 89, Batwoman 13, 91, Batwoman 14, Toy Story 4, Batwoman 15, 94, Batwoman 16, Wrinkle in Time, Superchat Catchup XII, Batwoman 17, 96, Batwoman 18, 99, 100, Batwoman 19, Batwoman Finale[]


Season 7 - Ghostbusters, Episode 101, EFAP 103-109, 113, 115, 116, 118, 119-124, 126, 128[]



Metal's actor.

  • Metal's streams are not canon unless MauLer makes one canon.
  • He is a fan of wrestling.
  • Metal's power level is unknown.
  • He can't read
  • Metal has the living Hitler in his pocket
  • Metal knows what drinking problems look like
  • When he reads English subtitles with German audio he gets confused.
  • He gets bullied by MauLer for crying that ice creams are cold.
  • He likes to eat babies because of the taste
  • Metal didn’t get a goblin, he got gargoyle. Even then, the game just gave him a win.
  • He isn’t a well-developed character, since he has not yet had his arc.
  • Metal shouldn’t breathe in the alcohol


“Putting me on the plate” rather than "putting me on the spot"

“Don’t touch my flaps”

“Ow, mom, the reaper cut me again”

Upon hearing that ice cubes are the primary cause of global warming - “Nice, give me more ice cubes.”

“Mom, they won’t let me touch their balls, you only get points if you touch the balls”