“Your chicken will not be safe. Your pizza will not be safe. Your gingerbread houses will not be safe. They are mine to control.”[1]

MovieBob, real name Bob Chipman, also known by his villainous alter ego of Diabeto[1], is the evil mastermind of the EFAP series pulling all the strings and sugar behind the scenes. Alongside Goliath and Captain Marvel, he is one of the main antagonists.

Appearence[edit | edit source]


his face is stretched, and his jaw dislocated, making his head have weird shape

History[edit | edit source]

"Planet Earth, you'd better hope I don't run out of bad movies to take this all out on."[2]

As a kid, he was bullied, even though he wasn't gay or black. In fact, it was often the gay and black kids who bullied him.

He admits that bullying made him turn into a "genuine scumbag" in multiple occasions in his past, which he regrets.But he also admits that his whole worldview and psychological profile is colored by the bullying he received, which might have been just other kids calling him a asshole for being a asshole.

The bullying is what inspired him to develop his invincible adipose armor and become an evil mastermind, as way to "get back" at those that wronged him and the society that allowed them to do it. According to him, society suppressed his genius because he was superior, and they feared that he would surpass all their pathetic achievements.

Since those times, he has watched bad films constantly to refine his rage in preparation for the day when he rules Earth with an iron fist and a super-sized soda, to make them all pay for it. After all, about 75% of Earth always commit racisms, because well, racism, and deserve to suffer pain (they are just meat and bone after all).[2]

In order to keep him in check, studios create and sacrifice bad films for bob in a altar. Its the only way, as stopping would only bring the bobs blue cream.

He was also gifted a collection of girls' literature by an older cousin, which he believed gave him an insight into the female brain.

As a youtuber, he is like a hydra; a creature of YouTube that never leaves, as when he think you killed him, he grows another head and comes back. A being caked in his own world vie, hidden under the gelatin so he cant confront opposing opinions.

Clones[edit | edit source]

Over the years, bob became so fat that his body separated in two to compensate and this continued on and on as his clones became fatter and split into more bobs. This it the origin of all bobs know personas, as they are all separate entities. The Mind Blob was the original bob and became the galaxy brain by eating his clones, adding their mental strength to his own (gaining weight means you’re growing your brain), eventually gaining power of the Blue Cream, allowing him to absorb more beings and gain their strength. A possible, mentally challenged, clone could be YouTuber TheMetalBlade5, who has a history of taking his opinions too seriously even to the point of making things up about his opponents. But when confronted, he claims they are harassing him.

Foreshadowing[edit | edit source]

When differentiating YouTube reviewers from "traditional" reviewers in EFAP 2, Patrick Willems cited Bob Chipman as an exception, as he is basically a traditional reviewer who turns his written reviews into videos. The boys were baffled that anyone would use MovieBob as a positive example of anything.

Humble Introductions[edit | edit source]

“broadening you horizon and rediscovering theme and emotional connection”

Bob stepped out of the shadows early on in the EFAP lore in EFAP 6, to bolster the viewpoint pushed by the widely-criticized "Plot Holes Don't Matter" video made by his ally Patrick Willems. Bob's one-off appearance in Season 1 foreshadowed his much deeper involvement in the Lore that would be unveiled much later on.

Calls Lindsay Ellis' review, “Negative, but thoughtful”, and is unable to present that olive branch to others. He thinks you can have a negative review that raises good points and makes you think.

Thinks movies are more fixated nowadays to checking out minor plotholes and leaving the rest of story to rot because “Mechanics-obsessed and trope-obsessed YouTube critics”, instead of "delivering a satisfying and lasting experience.”

Bob's video editing style gave Wolf a headache, as the images flash in and out mile a minute and his rapid delivery of lines made it difficult to follow his line of reasoning.

Thinks that plotholes no longer mean that “this doesn’t make sense”, but “this no longer makes sense to ME.”

Plotholes or “movie mistake hunting” is popular because it feels like easy short cut to make “deep and or serious analysis”, letting you do having to break down the film without “having to establish a thesis or arrive to a unifying alternate point”. overall thinking that you have to bend over backwards to do something mundane, even though none of this is necessary.

The fact that something you like has several imperfections doesn’t count as a point, you don’t have a point if you just say that the film has plotholes.

He says a lot, but means next to nothing most of the time.

Thinks people should do some introspection and not just see things through their own biases, while also only looking things through his own biases.

Looking at plotholes makes us prioritize plot mechanics over theme and impact, which he thinks is damaging, “Jumps from obsessive nitpicking for its own sake to shallow to the point of meaningless as an act of film criticism to “oh my god stop it you are literally murdering the concept of culture.””

to him, nerdiness comes from science, but nerdiness to media is “nerdiness to fake things”,

you can’t scientifically deduce which fictional character can beat one (captain marvel or superman or Kirk vs Picard) or which one is better objectively, as there is no hard science for it outside of opinions and now a days people think they can get the answer to the subjective questions by putting enough hard data on display.

strawman of “feelings are for sjws!!!!”

echoes lot of Patrick Williams points, but in the most roundabout way

thinks that best movies are about emotion, not about logic

sees plothole people as people that try to present themselves as pseudo intellectuals or film conocuers that know better than the average joe, but miss the point of the movies, aka, how they make people feel feelings

with titanic he makes logical comment of jack being too exhausted to make the door float both of them, but he comments how they did it because they were too emotional, switching from objective so subjective.

comments on humans being emotional, more than logical beings

considers Indiana jones archeology work “graverobbing”

thinks the main cast actions and script mess ups to be “young people being emotional and being inexperienced, while being thrust into giant war”, “an unsubtle intent”

he considers phasma and fin relation to be mentors student relationship, like leia and poe, kylo and snoke and luke and rey

thinks plothole analysis is “insidious and nefarious” way for people to get their subjective values into the discourse, putting it between nitpicks, trying to make it sound like another true fact, like how the film has plotholes. he thinks the video criticizing plotholes in last jedi is just s way for people to slip in their sexist and racist beliefs “a dastardly rhetorical slight of hand”. makes

there is no wrong way to watch videos, but plothole video by Patrick Williams said that people were watching movies wrong. bob thinks plothole critics are part of the problem of watching things objectively and not subjectively

when talked about beating hateful people “I’ve found a closed fist to be a solid place to start, though there’s plenty of variety beyond that””at the end of the day, they’re just bones and meat, and sufficiently cowed, most will stifle before you have to break any of that- so long as they’re convinced you would”

Defending the Sacred Cow, with the Power of the Metanarrative[edit | edit source]

“she is supper good at star wars stuff because she is star wars fangrl”

EFAP 49 saw a long-awaited return to Bob with his more direct defense of The Last Jedi. MauLer, Al, and Fortea had previously looked at this video back during the days of the Screen Tear Podcast, but it was time to make it known to EFAP. Bob used the dark reality-defying power of the Metanarrative to paint The Last Jedi as actually being a love letter to Star Wars fandom.

doesn’t think that the last jedi is anti-nostalgia, but a turning point that frees up lot of possibilities doesn’t think that Disney doesn’t want to ruin the series when it screws with the lore and says that the jedi and luke were bad and the past should die, wanting to erase the past trilogies

the trilogy is metanarrative jaysoned  to fanbase, or symbolic point too fans, where rey and co are fans and kylo and first order are “toxic” fans. first order is made out of bad fanboys, kylo is cospayer and their vehicles and equipment look like what  year old would think is cool to show how childish the First order is.

thinks rey knows all about the lore is because she is fangirl, like someone that doesn’t know anything about Vietnam war if they liked the Vitnam war. she has dolls and broken ATAT in her home, so she is fan, which is equivalent to adult woman who still sleeps in star wars bed

hates that she is called mary sue, since she grew up being into jedi so she knows all about the skills and can replicate them with no training, so she can perform “most obvious use of mind trick by reputation” and beat up a man (Kylo) who is wounded and “kind of a wiener” and her being good with sword thanks to her staff skills is same as luke being good with one plane when he is good with flying another plane

thinks luke is telling rey to grow up when she asks luke skywalker to come back and be luke again, like in a sketch

thinks luke saying that the jedi are bad and brought the emperor to power means symbolically that the starwars brand is bad and brought toxic fans, but in truth rey is in the right by the movies perspective, where the jedi=the series can still do good. the jedi need to evolve= the series needs to evolve

first says that ray convinces luke, but then says rey pushes him but yoda drives it home. yoda only symbolically destroys the tree

rey is a fanfic writer who after thinking that the starwars wont come back decided to take the lore and make her own fanfics, and tries to find good in “sensitive bad boy”

thinks that the projection is “good gag” because its fun to humiliate kylo and because it makes luke a hero

thinks that luke saves the day as a man and legend, as luke might not have been great jedi in the first place

thinks that the metanarrative is that “you liking of this series is a good thing” and yet thinks its obvious and its weird that people don’t see it for some reason

thinks that kylo is hypocrite for going as normal even though he said that the past should die

thinks that rey brought luke back from his funk and become co savior of the resistance

thinks that projection fighting kylo is him getting beaten by movie luke since he is projection, like film is projected, so he beaten by character and the legend

thinks that the kids in the end are reenacting starwars and not the scene of the battle

thinks the story is essentially old generation passing the love of the brand to next generation, that will hold the old characters dear to their hearts like the previous generation did

rules are meant to be broken, but laws are not

The Joker War[edit | edit source]

“it has nothing much to say, and yet it won’t shut up”

Bob against his makeshift greenscreen, presumably painted by Bob himself

MovieBob's next big move was to discredit the film that those on the wrong side of history were praising: Joker. EFAP 57 had MauLer, Rags, Drinker, Weekend Warrior, and Doomcock witness Bob's first Joker review, an eight and a half-minute video with about two minutes of intro, made so long by the oddly-long title card following a prologue comedy skit, which the gang noticed took place in front of a wall, door, door handle, and light switch that were painted entirely green, in an apparent attempt to turn them into a greenscreen. Bob's jack-o'-lantern shirt led to a brief disagreement between Rags and Weekend over wearing blazers with T-shirts, foreshadowing their later book look argument in EFAP 104. Despite not wanting to make this video since Joker will be forgotten in two weeks, Bob went on to describe Joker as an empty, unoriginal mashup of about twenty other movies and comic panels comparable to a T-shirt of the Scarface poster with Vegeta on it (two franchises are mashed together but have no symbolic relation behind the mashup), fast-forwarding through the plot synopsis that would actually hold some of the substance he said it lacked and not saying what elements it took from those media, leading the gang to question if it is even a ripoff at all if it draws from so many inspirations. Bob's skimming over the content of Joker was in stark contrast to his Last Jedi analysis, which squeezed as much deeper meaning as possible out of it. Even Bob could not deny that Joaquin Pheonix' performance was good, however. He ended his review by saying Joker had nothing much to say but would not shut up, an ironic accusation coming from him. Drinker theorized that Bob was Mundane Matt ten years in the future.

didn’t want grim and gritty superhero movie

says that the director made asshole of himself in social media, just slips it in there

thinks the movie is technically well made, “I guess”

thinks that the movie set itself up for sequels

didn’t want to watch movie or criticize it, but since people will be mad at him so he has to. yammers on and on about it

movie is empty, unoriginal and boring, but liked TLJ. trying to find anything to say about it for several videos sound torment to him. he can only find movie interesting if it has open themes and symbolism

movie just smashes together taxi driver and king of comedy plots but doesn’t follow their plots, so the mashup doesn’t work. movie is just scenes borrowed from movies and comics, trying to capture the feelings from those medias and are not coherent on their own without your knowledge of their origins

halfway through the video and has said nothing

there is nothing for phoenix to work with, but he does good job acting

character of Arthur isn’t consistent, director just told him in scene “okay, now you are this character from fight club”

thinks that Arthurs just “lost his cool” when he killed three people

thinks that the plot doesn’t support Arthur becoming joker as him being policed for what he can be

thinks the reason why Arthur snaped was because the cause of his problems was woman

Arthur looking for authority figures from Thomas Waynes and the talk show host don’t add anything, but to put more batman stuff, leaving subplots underdeveloped

revelations are only shocking to people that have never seen movies

its shallow

viral things weren’t thing in 1980s and it talks about modern politics

movie wants you to like it because it references taxi driver

Disavowment of EFAP[edit | edit source]

Bob was asked on Twitter whether he would ever go on EFAP, and he likened a conversation with them to a dead tree with termites in it, going on to say he would never because he does not want to legitimize the heinous comments they made about one Jenny Nicholson.

The Joker War Continues and the Unveiling of Diabeto[edit | edit source]

A spherical Bob floats inside a gelatinous cube in front of his computer, saying "you fools"

MovieBob in a gelatinous cube, by the artist Commissioner Mimic

Just over two weeks after his first Joker video, Bob ended up making a second video about the movie he said everyone would forget about in two weeks, and so the boys, ThatStarWarsGirl, and JLongbone came together in EFAP 61 to hear Bob ask, "Is Joker Actually 'About' Anything?" Before the video started, Wolf theorized that Bob lived inside of a gelatinous cube, and Bob's choice of intro music gave away Bob's alter ego of Detective Joe "Dick" Hamhock. Of course, Detective Hamhock himself had his own alter ego, and after Wolf commented that a diabetic superhero would be a victory for diversity, MauLer pieced together that he was actually the supervillain Diabeto, the man who commands all sugar. Bob's claim that Joker was released without any competition led them to look up films released at the same time, one of which being Abominable, which led to talking about the abundance of yeti/sasquatch movies in recent years, including Chill Out, Scooby Doo!, which led to a discussion of which Hex Girl everyone would bang, which was all much more interesting than what Bob was saying. Chat brought up the time one of the Hex Girls tried to get with Scooby Doo when he was turned into a human, and JLongbone's description of Human Scooby as looking like a Jewish penis led to Chat dubbing him Scooby Jew - this was also far more interesting than what Bob was saying. Bob claimed that nobody should be surprised that a movie about a popular comic book character making a billion dollars, despite having previously celebrated Captain Marvel's billion dollar box office when it came out between two Avengers films. Bob countered the idea that negative press claiming the movie potentially causing shootings was drummed up by left-wing journalists by pointing out that left-wing activist Michael Moore (complete with Team America charicature), then

joker got well in box office because joker characters popularity and superhero movie popularity, so its not surprise

director made joker because woke culture joke polices him, so its ironic because Michael moore likes it and he is against those type of jokes and says everyone should see it. he comments that people want to label people as crazy and doesn’t want to understand why people went in murder spree, which bob declines saying that columbines is clear case as we have their writings, just saying that they are neo-Nazis’ and racist, skipping the fact that it doesn’t explain how they became racists. essentially killers were asshole, so they killed people. he is very one-track man trying to find easy answer to it, like saying that the jokers problems were caused by women instead of multitude of factors

bob knew that the joker wasn’t about Michael moores interpretation, “in any meaningful way”

Joker movies music, plot and commentary isn’t working together or supported by strong theme

movie feels and looks like it has something to say sometimes, but it isn’t

noisy ping sound

joker lives alone with his mother

thinks Wayne runs for mayor because the killings joker commits

lists plot points out of order, like listing Arthur finding out that her mother adopter hm and watched as he was beaten by her lover and talkshow showing video Arthur bombing at standup

snips plot points

movie has many points where you can point that its extremely dumb and fact that it takes itself seriously is “bad approach”. he could explain himself but won’t, just some of it.

there is no reason for it to be 1980, you can’t be in 7 medications in that time without being in coma as description strength was different, videos don’t go viral in tv, so instead of the story, the money went to the setting so setting gets in the way as I wouldn’t work on the setting

joker movies social political environment doesn’t work with the story, as things like the protest crowds shown in the movie are not what happened back then but in 200s, so they can happen then

back then mass riots were racial violence and not class

cant understand what the movies message is as it mixes present and past and doesn’t 100% stick to the 1980s 

movie just borrows thing s from taxi driver and king of comedy and doesn’t understand them

the movie has no meaning as its texture with nothing to it

we don’t know what not broken in the jokers world mean so it being fixed doesn’t tell us about what it would be like

everything is jokers mothers fault primarily, even though it was supposed to be the society

joker is misogynist

didn’t understand the message so believes there is none or they tried to make one but failed to do it

Consooming What None Else Dare Consoom[edit | edit source]

On EFAP 67, Bob, Consoomer that he is, stepped up to the plate to defend a piece of media that not even the other Massives could defend - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, assuring everyone that the movie is "fine."

thinks the rise of skywalker is fine, like madalorian and solo

before you could watch movie without people caring about your opinion

finds people that hated tlj annoying

thinks that messes in trilogy because its hot potato of between directors

thinks there is good side characters and chemistry between kyo and rey

likes force skype

thinks its not obvious if jj liked tlj changes

thinks the movie is dynamic and liked the movie for superficial level, like nostalgia

has metal intro and outro, probably thinks he is hardcore

MovieBob or a Nazi?[edit | edit source]

During EFAP 73, MauLer, Rags, Jay, Metal, and Al took a quiz where the goal was to determine whether a given quote came from MovieBob or from a Nazi. It was very difficult.

The MovieBob Challenge[edit | edit source]

The Tweet that started it all

MovieBob quote-tweeted a viral tweet of a photo of four McDonalds double cheeseburgers, two large fries, 20 McNuggets, and four large sodas with the caption, "Somebody offers you $3,500 to finish everything on this tray in 90 minutes. Could/would you do it?" and described the pictured meal as "a fairly small amount of McDonalds for an average-sized person," to the bewilderment of average, below-average, and above-average-sized people across the globe. The challenge outlined in the original Tweet was dubbed The MovieBob Challenge, and both That Star Wars Girl and MetalCommander tried and failed to complete it.

Endorsement of Magneto[edit | edit source]

MauLer, Rags, PSA Sitch, and Adam Friended received a very telling insight into Bob's worldview in EFAP 80 when they looked at an old video of his titled "Magneto Was Right." This is where the bulk of their understanding of Bob's youth comes from.

Halloween Theft at the Hands of Donald Trump[edit | edit source]

In October 2020, MovieBob, firm believer in the idea that any white man can get a job by just putting on a tie, took to Twitter to lament how President Donald Trump stole his summer, his Halloween, and four years of his happiness, and that the people who helped him steal the presidency (this was written before claiming that a presidential election was stolen was deemed incitement of violence) ruined his career years before, from which is he only just now recovering.

Let go by The Escapist[edit | edit source]


Lindsay Ellis MovieBob Interaction.jpg

Disavowment by Lindsay Ellis[edit | edit source]

On Twitter, Lindsay Ellis responded in agreement to a tweet saying it is not scandalous for peers to be friends with each other and interact privately. Bob added onto this sentiment by posting a selfie of him and Lindsay at a convention together. Ellis, not wanting it to appear that she supported Bob's toxicity, told Bob that taking a selfie at a convention years ago does not constitute friendship, and that her ignoring his emails and softblocking him six times should have tipped him off to take the hint. Bob ended up privating his account for a short time afterward.

A Young Bob Discovers Racism 2[edit | edit source]

"Proud to be an American, prouder to be an American geek"

Bobo the Caffinated [sic] Chipmunk, who speaks on Bob's behalf when Bob is unable

Bob's portrayal of the end goal of reading Judy Blume, which sparked a conversation on cuckoldry and voyeurism.

"Let me explain something about white people..."

In EFAP 111, the gang took a look back at a younger Bob, who fittingly sounded exactly like his current self but with a higher voice. Bob recounted the controversy surrounding Resident Evil 5 having the player character kill African zombies in Africa, as opposed to the previous Resident Evil games, which only allowed you to kill non-African zombies outside of Africa. He went on to accuse the game of only including "affirmative-action hire" Sheva Alomar to hide their racism, and further criticized them for having a tribal-looking two-piece outfit as an unlockable outfit for her as even more racist. Bob attributed these transgressions to something even worse than racism (since racism could be unlearned), but then interjected with a chipmunk representative of himself telling an anecdote about how his cousin gave him girls' books like those by Judy Blume when he was a child, but assured the audience that it was actually manly because reading books made for a female audience could allow one to understand the female brain. He accompanied this claim with his own stick figure drawings of himself (presumably as a child or teenager) performing various sex acts, the last of which being him filming two women having sex with each other. The gang wondered aloud whether this counted as cuckoldry, but concluded that it was actually just voyeurism, and the discussion they had on sexual terminology was far more interesting than whatever Bob was saying. Bob finally went back to revealing what it was that he considered even worse than racism: unconscious racism. According to him, Capcom (a Japanese company) had fallen into the trap that many white people fall into of assuming that white people are the default race. The gang also deduced that Bob is the evil alternate universe version of a good Bob, which is why he has a goatee.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bob is well known for his massive size. In contrast with MauLer's length, MovieBob is large in every dimension, forming an almost spherical man. Despite this physical massivity, Bob also has a somewhat gaunt looking face. Bob also has very short black hair and some sort of facial hair, and regularly sports either sunglasses or regular eyeglasses.

When Bob is operating under his villainous alter ego of Diabeto, he dons a costume that resembles the Marvel Comics character Magneto, though sometimes he has to put a birthday cake on his head in place of an actual helmet.

In his Joe Hamhock person Bob is dressed like private eye, moves around in scooter and uses reach extender to grab things out of his arms length. he still wears his shades

As Mind Blob, he encases himself inside gelatinous cube to strengthen his diabetic powers. he may or may not have clothes on, as he wouldn't want to lean them (he still wears loincloth to cover himself).

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"You've been drinking a lot of soda pop, haven't you?"[1]

  • Rapid Ramble - Diabeto speaks his words so fast that he causes extreme headaches[1] o enhance thisn, he has mastered the use of "Vapid Verbose", making him able to confuse people with his wordschoices, so they have to listen to him more than once to understand his point, doubling the chance of headaches.
  • Metanarrative - Through the power of the Metanarrative, Bob can make any movie mean any thing, but only if he deems it worthy. With the power of Meta-narrative, he can also interpret himself to be alive when he dies, which is how he has managed to stay around for so long
  • Donut Roundabout - Due to his immense roundness, bob can just roll after people that offend him, but he only does when his scooter breaks down
  • Blue-cream - he can generate blue gelatinous flood that envelopes everything in its path, transforming any person into clone of bob.
  • Diabeatdown - he can use his titanic weight as a weapon[1]
  • Sugar control - as Diabeto, he can control sugar in everything[1]Enhanced thousand fold if he is in a candy-shop.
  • Glucosebending - as Diabeto, he can draw sugar straight out of people's blood.[1]
  • Lard Personified - his so fat that he bends the reality around his stomach, pretty dense too

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

his power is taken away by insulin, which turns him into a flap of skin. turned villain for living in basemen apartment

Bob Hub[edit | edit source]

his basement apartment, one with green walls and messed up green doorknob

Victories/Bobality[edit | edit source]

has the biggest kill count, as he is like radiation, mauler only wins because he wears his gas mask. his like a box of cancer, you always know what you get

Trivia[edit | edit source]


  • Patrick Willems is one of the few other Massives to have openly expressed positive opinions of him.
  • He is rumored to be Quinton's father.
    • in 67, he lost to Quinton, but only because it was a race.
  • bob is bob1 as there was Film Robert before him, who took the bob title before him
  • Smells of cigarettes and old cheese
  • thinks mythological figure luke resembles most king arthus because he got sword and was thought by old wizard. its pretty obvious
  • Diabeetos worst enemies are Professor Exercise and Doctor Insulin
  • bob is more than sugar than man
  • speaks like shopping cart going down mountain, spewing lot of gobbledygook. like he swallowed thesaurus and vomits words out. like you just plugged into his brain and get to hear random thoughts
  • if nazi said he likes his daughter, bob would want to kill her, as Nazis can’t have any kind of win
  • Escapist wanted to be apolitical, so they hired moviebob, who calls anyone that doesn’t like a nazi and thinks plothole is a nebulous term
  • spaghetti-brain
  • bob fursona would be boar
  • drinks his own piss to feel pure
  • his angry that Nazis gave eugenic a bad name
  • whenever or not, ethically, James Gunn shouldn’t be directing guardians of the galaxy 3, you can’t prevent that as it gives win to the Nazis
  • want to control voting as uneducated white people vote the wrong way
  • bob is "Schrodinger’s ugly", where he can be either super ugly and ugly. looks like north end of a south bound warthog, like thumb with a face.
  • bob is 2fat2feel
  • his alignment in DnD is “incompetent evil”
  • He is the only being so far to be able to defeat Wolf.
  • This is what a feminist looks like.
  • He has the Big Gay.
  • If he was a mutant in Marvel universe, he would join in Magnetos side, since that way he could make people pay for bullying him.
  • wants to take thors hammer away from nazis
  • lives in house that has round doors, like hobbit hole
  • drinks his coffee with twizzlers
  • His fat folds work as snack holder
  • Wilfor Brinly is his teacher in the art of diabeetus
  • He cooks chicken with Mountain Dew.
  • As Diabeto, he has the highest kill count on EFAP.[2]
  • His videos simply never change; they've always been the same caliber of argument with the same production value.[2]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Oooh boy, this is nooot working... oooh no, oh boy" - EFAP 57
  • "Well shit." - EFAP 57
  • "If Joker does have a coherent thematic or moral arc to call its own- it doesn't but if it did- it would boil down to Fleck's journey of self-actualization through realizing that while society can be tough, the real cause of your problems is probably a woman" - EFAP 57
  • "I'll never forgive the troglodytes who stole the future I EARNED to prolong their worthless existence." - Twitter, EFAP 61

References[edit | edit source]

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