History[edit | edit source]

Pre-EFAP[edit | edit source]

Matt got caught flagging channels, taking them down because they were saying mean things about him, lied about it in stream, pretended months that it didn’t happened and gave half-hearted apology on tumbler, using excuse of being collecting boulders when the event took place( traditional thing that the Jarbo famo apologizing.

2-minute apology video[edit | edit source]

At the start of the video,he says he should have made the apology video long time ago and only apologizes for couple of people.

He claims that what he did was “antithetical to my core principles”, might only say it as he was caught. Who know what his principles are, since he lied for months and was basically pestered to apologizing.

Matt supposedly was embarrassed about his actions and supposedly only lied and flagged to protect himself, only understanding that it wasn’t protecting himself, it was protecting his ego. He didn’t think lying about flagging videos wasn’t “the right course of action” to do weeks before sending his video.

He considers what he did “a mistake”, not “mistakes” and wants to move forward, but it might be bit hard after continuously lying about harming peoples livelihood by flagging their videos.

Game Of Thrones: Blame George[edit | edit source]

founds it weird that most popular thing to do is to shit on Game of thrones as he doesn’t think the series had bad writing, “not really” pretty on par how it has been, people adapted it

main culprit is George and thinks that not enough people are calling him out. Its his fault that they cant adapt his work without script. EFAP compared it to cheating off of someone’s test and then saying “for fuck sake, why did you make me fail?”

Think that the writers did their best with what they got. like telling child that they did their best, like they would need training wheel, these professional people would need George so much

George had time to write the books but didn’t, so its his fault that they just decided to subvert people expectations and use shorter amount of episode than the network wanted to give them "if you get someone to paint you house and they did shitty job and then you just say that they did their best"

George isn’t like J.K. Rowling who finished her series

everything that went down is ultimately Georges fault, since he should know that the duo was retarded, like telling that the Jacksons hobbit trilogy was tolkins fault

everything that’s good is the show, everything bad is Georges fault

it closes story lines, get closure to characters

what went wrong is that people had expectations

in his opinion the night kind wasn’t the big bad of the series, it was the secondary problem as its game of thrones not the game of white walkers as person who defeats them doesn’t become the king. ciercy is the big bad of the show

thought it was cool that the night king was monster that they could kill

fact that it was dark didn’t bother him

only real criticism was to that the editing wasn’t that good. no one know what were his fake criticisms

she killed the endless death the long night because she, like others, look in the face of death and closes many eyes

it wasn’t explained maybe that well, but he picked up on it pretty quickly

most shows have to end in season 5 as they get bad at the 5 season

thinks that what we got is what was going to happen, as we got less episode. thought that HBO wanted to wrap things up

compares to big bang theory, even though they mostly have same sets while Game of thrones is bigger with castles and whole lands and lighting and makeup. big bang theory is most expensive series and gets more money from watches compared to game of thrones

its more profitable to bash the show than to say how great it is

its bad writing in star wars, but not in game of thrones

thinks people think that adaptation will give them everything they want


hopes that people would look at the series from the perspective that people watch it so they can enjoy it. people should come from more positive mindset, their perspective would change

thinks people are not adding value to the conversation as they just want to spout hate and YouTubers are just trying to get clicks from the hate

Game of Thrones: Finale Results[edit | edit source]

people either like the finale or don’t

thought the game of thrones ended decently

ending was bittersweet and was in line with the rest of the series

people like the ending though, despite the online outrage

the Hollywood pole shows that only 42 percent didn’t like it, but rotten tomato shows that 65 percent hate it. based on survey of 2200 people, not a lot, but these people do polls for living

someone says that no one liked it, but that’s wrong, only half of the people didn’t like it

absolutely opposite to everyone hated it, means that half hated it

decides that his poll is the correct one

survey is bad as it has people that might be just people that wanted to watch the finale or people that just watch it for the heck of it and only 22% of the people were fans of the show and half of the full group did watch the finale. overall it shows that people were just disappointed and mildly pissy. biggest return is that people weren’t bored of the finale. 67 didn't care for tv and 69 didn't care if the writers were going to work for starwars

he doesn’t do it for fame or money, he does it for some reason

thinks is best to look at the creator by the project by project case

more than zero diversity hires is suspicious

thinks fan backlash didn’t affect Captain Marvel

even he agrees that not everyone loved Game of thrones 8 season

wants conversation without tribalism

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Boulder to share - Uses rocky excuse to weasel his way out of apologizing to people he wronged.
  • Turning Stones - Compares himself to persons tragedy to gain sympathy.
  • Little too slate - Utters an apology weeks after been caught.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Originally, MundaneMatt hated The Last Jedi, but changed his mind after seeing Rey lifting mountain of boulders with the Force. He was hyped by the Rise Of Skywalker.
  • Claims to advocate free speech, but flagged videos that smack talked him.
  • His fluorite movie is The Last Crusade, but his favorite Indiana Jones movie is The Temple of Doom.
  • Has A daughter
  • watches game of thrones with his dad
  • he went to film school and worked in Hollywood, so he is coming out to this differently, think that the sets and effects were cool
  • you have watch Matt with a boulder of salt
  • he was so boring that EFAP crew couldn’t watch him talk about The Don al way trough

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“I hope we can get past this, as a group”

“Get off the YouTube, go collect your boulders somewhere else” Wolf to him

“and I think what thy done so far, is pretty dam good” season 8 after night kings death

“it definitely does some good shit and the is nothing wrong with that”

“it becomes vocal port of a fandom

“not everything is necessary to yell about”

“they have done lot of great thing with it”

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