PAFE, also referred to as the Massives, previously known as the GDELB army is a loose collection of antagonists who have clashed with EFAP. They are often fervent defenders of The Last Jedi and deny the possibility that art can be judged objectively, though their exact views vary from individual to individual. Though their objectives vary, they all ultimately oppose EFAP in some fashion. Other goals of their include turning children into orphans and attempting to convert Tonald to their cause, though he ultimately resisted their attempts.

It is speculated that one day in the far-off future, PAFE will finally unify itself to form the PAFE Podcast to challenge EFAP, though when or if that will ever happen remains to be seen.

Patrick Willems, Just Wright and Quinton were the original PAFE creators

Political Structure[edit | edit source]

Quinton in his council robes

The PAFE forces are not ruled by a single entity, but rather by a loosely-organized council consisting of Diabeto, Quinton, JW, Patrick, Maj0r Lee, Taxxon and Jack Saint.

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

  • they say some vague feelings on the matter that others can interpret however they like. when people ask something more substantive, they in turn ask if those people would need a 5 hour explanation, which would just be boring and movies are art, which is why you need to talk about the subjective
  • one-character in another media sucks factually in their opinion, so another character that they like is allowed to suck too. "my shit stinks and so does yours, my thing is retarded and this other thing is also retarded, so it cancels out the retardation"
  • watching something 3 times and person wasn’t bored means that the movie is objectively good
  • treating every film as individual makes you terrible critic and treating every human being as individual makes you a racist
  • people should know when its opinion since "subjective nature is implied", as otherwise every word has to start with "in my opinion"
  • nothing of theirs is ever hated in YouTube, people just raid videos to dislike them

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

The PAFE headquarters, known previously as "GDELB headquarters"

The PAFE army during the 10th Age of Reclamation resides in the unknown regions of the universe.

Members[edit | edit source]

Known members:

  • Diabeto - their most powerful and dedicated member, a member of the old guard of "traditional reviewers" who has spent so long accumulating his power that he is able to go unchallenged despite many of the other members disavowing his depraved morals, practiced in the darkest of dark arts, able to manipulate the sugar in men's blood, strongest being amongst them and Quinton's rumored father.
  • Patrick Willems - a learned man known for his mental abilities, his most well-known attack being his defense of The Last Jedi as " a movie about space wizards intended for children." Another "traditional reviewer" as he puts it, he has stood by Bob "Diabeto" Chipman despite their staunchly different tactics.
  • Quinton Reviews - the man who has led the most direct assaults against EFAP, at best misrepresenting and misinterpreting the truth and at worst actively lying to push his position
  • Jack Saint - jealous of MauLer's longness (not that he has anything against long, some of his best friends are long!), he joined forces with PAFE after spearheading his own attack against MauLer's long critiques. Has openly criticized Bob "No bad tactics, only bad targets" Chipman before, but stands by Quinton, possibly because Quinton uses his bad tactics against good targets.
  • Patricia Taxxon - Jack Saint's most trusted companion, led an attack on Wolf before their attack on MauLer.
  • Maj0r Lee - defends women above all else as he created the first one just to look at her. He is not as malicious as other members but he also believes in similar values.
  • Just Write - Patrick's acolyte and former ally of objectivity. After his evolution he confronted MauLer and Wolf but could not hold his own, and he ended up joining the PAFE forces.
  • Jeb Nickels - Jeb's spawn and idol of The Knights of Jen, who caused EFAP severe damage in her name during the Joker War.
  • Jim Sterling (Insulinious) - a part-time Massive who thinks too much about what others like to jerk of to, Diabeto's right hand man (or left).


  • r/mcj - a self described movie circle jerk, passionate fans of The Last Jedi, determined to undermine all opposition to that film by any means necessary (within their own circle of course)
  • Captain Marvel - sometimes joins forces with them, or may just be forcing them to fight with her
  • Rian Johnson - The Man Who Subverted Everyone's Expectations, earning him the eternal praise of those who were inspired by his movie about space wizards for children
  • Reapers - Captain Marvel's allies
  • Neil Druckmann - The Rian Johnson of games, held in similarly high regard by those who love to have their expectations subverted


  • Barons of PAFE - looks like monstrous bipedal rhino
  • Australian Dragon-snakes - snake with wings and breath fire
  • Riley Dennis No bullshit mutant -has no bullshit logo as a shield, half of their face is half of the twos face, but otherwise has bloated torso and muscular and skinny arms and legs -one in one side of the body and other in other side.
  • The Evolved Critics -robed figure that flies in rocket platform and uses telekinesis to control knives and spouts loudly themes
  • Major Lee's women -skimpily dressed hooded woman using sickle and chain, where chain ends in giant dice and sickle is like a sword like knife
  • TLJ Defenders - an NPC meme faced, beer bellied skinny guy in shorts, has soy injections all around their bodies and reads reader response theory
  • Suspicious Dwarf's - one dwarfs on another shoulders, wearing beanies and holding hand axe, club, lighter and the creepy balloon alien that produces sass from them to light up

Former members:

  • Jay - after failing to defend Ray and defeat MauLer he renounced his Massivity and joined EFAP.
  • Tonald - he was brainwashed and used against his will.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Whether the GDELB Man is or was a member of them is unknown.
  • Words of the house: "We do not qualify" and "Ours is the retarded". 1:24:57 Episode 3
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