"And I'm Rags!!!" ― Rags

Rags is a sapient, male shiba inu and one of the EFAP hosts alongside MauLer and Wolf, before Wolf's departure. He also runs his own channel of the same name.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rags is a shiba inu with tan colored fur in two tones, darker on top and lighter on the underside. He almost always covers his eyes with black pixelated sunglasses. He is a fine specimen of a dog, making him the object of desire for many men, women, and canines alike.

Personallity[edit | edit source]

Rags is a very confident persona, making him a lot of enemies and fans. He is very intelligent and can hold his own in a discussion. Rags has a deep love and compassion for animals.

With that being said he can get angry out of frustration and can do something very irresponsible like making a sex tape with Wolf.

The Guest/Host Plot Hole[edit | edit source]

While often treated as and referred to as a host, Rags is officially a recurring guest. This is the only plot hole in the otherwise perfectly-written EFAP Lore.

History[edit | edit source]

PreFAP[edit | edit source]

Rags used to fight different massives before EFAP, usually Console peasants and SJWs. Eventually he joined the 4 Horsemen of PC Gaming alongside Fringy. Eventually he met Wolf and, after TLJ, MauLer. The trio soon started hanging out together, eventually creating EFAP to combat the rise of terrible Video Essayists.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Rags came together with MauLer and Wolf at the beginning of the yet-unnamed podcast, witnessing the introductions of Tonald and The Forbidden One, then delving into the mind of Patrick Willems (though Rags missed out on their second look at him). He was there for Jonathan MacIntosh' TLJ defense and MovieBob's first appearance, and battled against CinemaSinsSins in the midseason finale, though he was absent from SinsSins' redemption episode. What it was all building up to, however, was the three-part finale of the Quinton Arc. Rags was naturally a key component in this, since it was his response to I Hate Everything's TLJ review that kicked the whole thing off, and The Right Opinion's response to Rags was the vehicle by which Quinton snuck in his critique of MauLer. It was in this trilogy where the spelling Rag's was born.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Rags was absent from the first episode of Season 2, but came back in full force when the gang took a look at Cosmonaut Variety Hour's video on the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies. Rags got to look at women thanks to Maj0rLee, argued against the wetness of water while looking at Shinobi's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom video, and got his first glimpse into the mind of Taxxon before the Taxxon-Saint collaboration. He witnessed Joseph Anderson's take on subjectivity, and spoke the first "Hi Rags" to himself before creating the character of Kyle Ben during CinemaWins' TLJ video. He tackled CinemaSins' Infinity War video with Jay, SarahZ's media criticism video with JLongbone, and witnessed Tonald's true glory with WeekendWarrior. Rags powered through the first half of the final battle against the Taxxon-Saint duumvirate, but he and Wolf had to tap out before the second half of the battle. To cap off the season, Rags and Wolf clashed on whether grapes are weird olives while looking at Snoman Gaming's "A Creator's Opinion Is Implied" with Voxis. Rags and the gang were then visited by The Forbidden One, who dubbed Voxis "The Blessed Butthole" in his last outing before his true nature was revealed.

Season 3 - Part 1[edit | edit source]

Rags and MauLer, joined by "The Last Jedi: A Complete Cinematic Failure" auteur Vito, kicked things off with the debate against Maj0rLee. He was joined by CJ to not learn the secret of Mario's jump from "The Secret of Mario's Jump," and watched RennsReviews claim Mission Impossible: Fallout was bad alongside newcomer Southpaw. Rags was joined by WorldClassBullshitters and Geeks & Gamers to learn about the Toxic Brood, a group they had actually been a part of the whole time, from AJcaraballo95, and then by Appabend to witness HelloGreedo attempt to defend the TLJ bombers and Tonald, now Slownald, praise DMC5's lack of Artificial Barriers of Blockage. He uncovered the existence of the Madea Cinematic Universe while dredging through clickbait with The Drunken Peasants, witnessed the Arrival Debate between Wolf and Jay, and was joined by none other than E;R for a breakdown of Avengers Endgame. Rags was absent for EFAP 34, but returned to 35 for a conversation with Shadiversity. He witnessed the tragic origin of The Don with Fringy, RobotHead, and Al, watched Browntable throw around accusations of sexual harassment and NoBS throw around accusations of transgender robotics with Al and PSA Sitch, and rounded out the Captain Marvel Trilogy by responding to LegalEagle's slanderous accusations against The Don with MauLer and Wolf.

Season 3 - Part 2[edit | edit source]

Rags was absent for EFAP 39, but returned for EFAP 40 to find out why Doom Eternal looks terrible because of poles and sausages with Critical Drinker, though he had to leave the stream before the Doom Sausage Man came on for a chat. He returned later in the stream to watch Schaffrillas Productions claim that The Last Jedi handled Luke better than Avengers Endgame handled Thor with Jay and Shad, continuing into EFAP 41 where they were joined by Fringy. He and Theo learned from Extra Credits about how you didn't ask for it, you didn't choose it, but all of a sudden, you're a Nazi. He fought alongside MauLer and Jay in the Spider-Man Homecoming Debate against Jeff from WorldClassBullshitters and Nerdrotic, then joined forces with them to respond to "How Star Wars Fans KILLED Star Wars." He was absent for the remainder of the Spooder Wars, but returned for EFAP 46 with CynicSnacks and the Blessed Pipeman to find out from Wisecrack Me High Cheek Sent Me High why the Game of Thrones ending was good, according to. He responded to DX's "Modern Critique Bingo" with Theo and Southpaw and had a little chat with DX afterwards, but had to head out before they covered Just Write's video on objectivity. Rags watched Browntable ponder Good Rat with JLongbone and Metal in EFAP 48, and they all returned right after to hear MovieBob defend The Last Jedi as a love letter to Star Wars in EFAP 49, where they were joined by Pipeman, CJ, and Jay.

EFAP 50[edit | edit source]

Rags arrived late to EFAP 50, having set his alarm for the wrong time.

Season 4[edit | edit source]


Season 5[edit | edit source]


Season 6[edit | edit source]


EFAP 100[edit | edit source]


Season 7[edit | edit source]


Replacement by John[edit | edit source]

Rags was replaced by John in EFAP 104, after an unknown and possibly non-existent drama that was referenced by Jay. John was immediately promoted from guest to host, despite Rags not actually being a host. Less than 10 minutes later, John was re-replaced by Rags, and all record of John's time as host was erased from EFAP history.

Womanhood[edit | edit source]

"Why am i always the woman?"

- Rags, EFAP 30

Rags' womanhood was first hinted at when he, MauLer, and Wolf played Aliens: Colonial Marines. Rags was automatically given the female character model, but the game could not remember who was who and ended up transferring Rags' womanhood to Wolf for most of the game, leaving Rags as the opposite gender: Hispanic. Nevertheless, Rags' state as a woman lived on, and Rags wondered aloud why he was always portrayed as a woman after an EFAP meme portrayed him as Captain Marvel. Wolf reminded him that Aliens: Colonial Marines had been the one to deem him a woman. Since then Rags has been regularly portrayed as a woman in the meme lore, replacing every female character in the girl power scene from Avengers Endgame and in The Last Stand of EFAP. Rags also notably appeared in the You Get to Look at Women Episode of EFAP. Despite this, Rags is still referred to with masculine pronouns.

Abilities and powers[edit | edit source]

  • F-word pass - Rags is bisexual, and therefore can say the f-word.
  • Knowledge and usage of multiple firearms - Rags can shoot from anything with great proficiency
  • Swordmanship - Rags knows how to use sword-like weapons.
  • Paw-to-hand combat - Rag can fight pretty well, whether TLJ defenders or any massives alike.
  • Knowledge - Rags can own many people with facts and logic, from Console Peasants and SJWs to Disnoids.

    Rags fighting Quinton during The History of EFAP part 3, EFAP #27.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Only female host and first female guest.
  • The name "Rags" means nothing, it just sounded nice.[1]
  • Rags' tangents and baits easily become fan-favorite EFAP moments.
  • Futa Rags is NOT canon.
  • Rags used to work at the hotel, where he met Michael Cera.
  • Hi Rags!
  • Ruined Grandma.

References[edit | edit source]

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