SmilerAl, also called Alex or Al for short, is a recurring guest on EFAP and a friend of MauLer in the supposed "real life." He doesn't have much of a presence outside of EFAP, however, as his channel does not contain any videos.

History[edit | edit source]

PreFAP[edit | edit source]

Al is MauLer's friend in real life. After watching The Last Jedi in theaters, MauLer needed proof that he hadn't gone crazy and watched it again with Al to confirm that the movie actually was that bad.

EFAP 3[edit | edit source]


EFAPs 11 & 14[edit | edit source]


EFAPs 36 & 37 - vs Captain Marvel[edit | edit source]


EFAP 39[edit | edit source]


EFAP 50 - The One Year Anniversary of Pausing Every Frame[edit | edit source]


EFAPs 83, 93, 121 & Mini[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bald, masculinity robbed him of his hair so doesn’t care about masculinity.
  • Browntable is not invited to his birthday party.
  • His neither dad or daughter.
  • Doesn’t care for romantic comedies.
  • his hulk wouldn’t have erectile dysfunction
  • lights up a bong when reviewer mentions he want to talk about criticism done by white dudes about Captain Marvel. rags though it was fringy because he is green.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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