"Creativity has allowed the passage of time to bring new and interesting iterations on our favorite gaming fundementals."

Tone Loke, fully name Captain Tonald Loke, often referred to simply as Tonald (you have heard of him, arr-gably), is the founder and fearless leader of the Intellectual Gaming Community[1] who uploads his video game reviews and video essays to his YouTube channel Downward Thrust. He is also so much more than that. While the EFAP boys were initially baffled by his bizarre content, over time they began to realize his true brilliance. He is an ancient being and has collected much knowledge, which he uses to make intellectual videos about all species of games. Thanks to him, we are shielded from having to lament over backtracking, lopsided story objectives, awful pacing from area to area, non-scaling enemies and zones, and lack of proper save states. He has taken some inspiration from other intellectuals like Bilbo Baggins.[1]

Name[edit | edit source]

Tonald's YouTube channel is named Downward Thrust. Tonald's name is listed as "Tone Loke" on his channel and other social media. It was first theorized that "Tone" is short for "Tonald" on EFAP 21. Tonald confirmed that the name Tone Loke was a nickname bestowed upon him because his name is Tony on EFAP 100.

Background Lore[edit | edit source]

One of five children, Tonald grew up in the 80s and 90s, and games from then were not games of today, mostly because developers of old games were ill-equipped to standardize smart gameplay pacing into classic games. Because of this, he became a battle-hardened warrior while playing games like Fester's Quest (a horrifyingly hard game to beat) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (zapping mah, Ninja Turtles, so annoying). He got older as time went by, but he still looks through a telescope back through time so he can remember what he fought for in his childhood.[1]

The three phases of Spammage

Tonald founded Downward Thrust and the Intellectual Gaming Community in 2017. His videos were commonly watched on Wolf's podcast and became a bastion of EFAP. Throughout his career, the Massives have tried to tempt him to their side and debunk EFAP's affinity for his channel. They were once nearly successful, as in one video he said that games can't rely on charm and fondness alone (a thing that only fake gamers would say).[1] Such incidents were once common, but not too common. Since that time he has risen above the lies and is making good videos again.[2]

Possible Background in Maritime Piracy[edit | edit source]

"I love birates. Ahoy Matey!"

- EFAP 56

Tonald may very well be a pirate or have been a pirate, or as he calls it, a Birate, as evidenced by his pronounciation of "arguably" as "arg-ably." He also uses words like "stream lime-ing," which is to make video games to prevent scurvy in the sea.

EFAP History[edit | edit source]

Humble Beginnings - The First 'FAP[edit | edit source]

Downward Thrust's first appearance in the very first episode of EFAP was somewhat unremarkable, at least when compared to his later legacy, though he did provide the quotes "a huge more amount," and the incorrectly emphasized, "4K TVs are common but they're not too common," which would later be used by Mooper in the GDELB series. Additionally, Tonald displayed his more general character traits such as his usage of footage unrelated to what he is saying, his meandering around the topic at hand, and his unusual speaking cadence, which would all become staples of his content.

While Downward Thrust would like to consider gamers to be all in the same boat, he knows that many gamers are segregated by console preferences and will hate you and hope your mother drowns if you don’t buy the console that they prefer.

He described how games are developed to their current generation and market, and player preferences change over time and can be skewed over time by the introduction of new technology, with both the unfortunate demise of the adventure platform genre and the decelerated popularity of tactical strategy games being examples of victims of consumer taste changes.

Downward Thrust said it's harder to fall back in love with a once-loved game, describing old games as as harder to go back and play, with some restricting us from enjoying them, since old games are clunky, time-consuming, and not as fun to play since they have outdated mechanics when the market pumps out tons of games. According to him, games now are more linear, simple, and accessible. Games fidelity, smoothness and mechanics, and passing has improved over the years. Games are also snappier and easier to get into.

describes most relevant games today as ones that “gel with our current gameplay trends,” that “are immediately satisfying and offer a good sense of challenge,” but are also limited by gameplay engineered 15-year-old control schematics. Mario Maker feels better and more rewarding in new controls than on the original controls. which is exactly why games have sequels, leading to the question of if the games relevant after they get sequels.

nowadays developers have more information on what gamers like and can just cut out the “nonsense” - Uncharted took Tomb Raider gameplay and Indiana Jones treasure hunting and “cut out all the junk,” like clunky controls, horrendous camera and irritating passing, and “streamlined the player interactivity with a new take on environmental storytelling, to keep the gameplay moving.”

MauLer described Downward Thrust as a bit of a robot who doesn't know how he should feel about things, usually looking up others' views in articles and taking the popular opinion instead of forming his own, with his videos seeming to just bring up that the conversation exists and let viewer think it through on their own rather than inform them. He brought up an instance in which he used a passage from someone else's book and didn't cite the source until it was brought up.

The Tonald We Know[edit | edit source]

Downward Thrust's second appearance on EFAP 21 was where his identity began to solidify. His true name, his possible background as a pirate, his association with The Intellectual Gaming Community, and his quoting of Bilbo Baggins were all established on this stream.

overall improved his video format

games back then didn’t give much instruction to the gameplay

calls the story “cryptic and confusing”

likes that not everything was told and how sometimes you have to ask friend help and you got lost

game needed your active participation

simplicity was harder with older games, as people could but things like quest makers and mini-maps for players

before games were difficult, forcing person to man up and become warrior to beat, now they are made easier for people

before they made them just for creativity, now its about money

people's attention is spread around multiple games as there are more of them

game developers made more risks since people would go to other games

Alternate Forms[edit | edit source]

EFAP 30 exposed MauLer, Rags, Wolf, and Appabend to Tonald's strong stance against hatred and bullying, where he also made reference to his history of being pegged by tomatos. In his DMC5 review, Tonald appeared to go Super Saiyan, but that pales in comparison to his "Slownald" state (which would get its name in EFAP 34), which was discovered when the gang slowed down the playback speed of his video, unveiling his true power. He also coined the term "artificial barriers of blockage."

(overall thinks that people that hurt other feel hurt more from their actions and think about their actions when they go to sleep. he believes that best way to deal with hate and not talk about them, not giving them a platform thought you)

Part 1: the campaign, the cheese, the blood (overall mentions campaign and the cheese dialogue but doesn’t really talk about the blood, not unless he meant the action

Part2: the gameplay, the upgrades, the good & bad

levels are to the point, easy to navigate and painless

Devil May Cry 5 is about killing bad guys and watching quirky cutscenes

it's really cool, really makes the flow of combat go effortless

thinks the 5 is button masher in devil may cry

plays on auto, where the game makes the combos

most of the attacks don’t have cooldown, so its kind like “unlimited spammage”. doesn’t think it translates into fun gameplay

prefers merciless slaughtering of Nero and Dante

upgrades come in all varieties of forms

doesn’t know that the series not open world but does know about the ABB

tried to be objective with this and helpful to non-DMC players like himself

The Family Expands[edit | edit source]

MauLer, Rags, Jay, and DasBo took a look at Tonald's - now newly christened Slownald - video on Hate Culture in the gaming industry in EFAP 34, which many people suspected was an attempt to dampen backlash he had been getting. Slownald's point about valid criticism being met with hate that leads to out of control bickering and calling people names like "you have no idea what you're talking about," that drowns out the original point was technically correct, but what he was describing was a people problem and not a gaming problem, and he repeated his own point phrased differently about nine times over the video, even using an example that was just about "Person A" and "Person B" arguing over "Game A." Eventually, Tonald described how "if you flip the script and look at the other side of the coin," positive reviews get hate too, but not as much, and some negative reviews can be bad, going so far as to make fun of the games they're critiquing, but "just because it's bad, doesn't mean it's bad." In order to make up for time lost by so much use of the Slownald State, the gang unlocked Tonald's "Speedald" state.

Tonald started off his next video with a bang, describing the wheels of the economy while showing a 3D animation of a wooden wheel coming together piece by piece. He described how the video game crash of 1983 made a lot of companies bankrupt, and put a lot of people out of a job, and this all happened because the market became flooded with low-quality games that lacked quality control. He then went on to look into the reasons why people suspect there might be another crash, like how there is now a lack of any real innovation - is that true? Maybe. It's pretty subjective so we can't know, but the reason it's happening could be the rise of cost of development and companies wanting to shield themselves from taking risks. A second reason would be recycling games, remakes, and remasters, along with having to pay for extra content like DLC, which were themselves put in to try and avoid another crash. At one point Tonald said, "that's a really really big," and also put up a graph. DasBoSchitt was surprised to see Tonald put up a clip relevant to what he was talking about, but he went right back to jarring unrelated footage, and kept playing footage of the stripper robots from Detroit: Become Human, which led to him talking about a "minority voice" while showing the main character throwing a woman.b The most noteworthy development from this stream was the discovery of Tonald's father, Dadald, in addition to Tonald's lesser-known female counterpart, Toenail Loke. In addition to his usual Tonaldisms, Tonald also more multicultural in this video with the usage of some non-English words, communitas and Vanille, leading to the discovery of Latinald aka Pax Tonaldo.

A Multifaceted Tonald[edit | edit source]

In EFAP 38, Tonald goes a little into his past in finances, and explains his rationale behind his videos. Then in EFAP 49, he tells a (questionably true) story about his experience trying to find games to play. it got so bad that he had to go to Walmart to look for bargain bin games, neck deep in the 5-dollar discount games, playing lot of shitty games. But then, he discovered a treasure trove of games on Steam, which was good since without games to play trough out the summer, he would go insane.

His delivery is noticeably a bit more casual and less stilted in the latter video.

1.2 BILLION[edit | edit source]

In EFAP 50, A more passionate Tonald than usual goes into his issues with microtransactions in one of his favorite games, FIFA (a very in-character favorite for him. don’t fuck with Tonalds fifa), decrying microtransactions' infestation of single-player games, and all games. Tonald's expression of shock at FIFA making more money from microtransactions than actual game sales lead to the famous "one point two... BILLION" quote that was initially viewed at 0.5x Slownald form, then rewatched in all its glory at 0.25x Slownald form. MauLer and the gang noted that while his execution was iffy at times, the point he was getting at was a valid one.

Unappreciated Passion[edit | edit source]

"If he falls, he's fuck-in' DEAD!"

In EFAP 56, MauLer, Rags, DasBoSchitt, and (for a minute) Mista GG took a look at Tonald's video "The Holy Trinity," and were taken aback by how passionate Tonald was compared to his usual content. His lively delivery was also accompanied by relevant clips, gameplay that demonstrates the mechanics, and some actually funny jokes. MauLer expressed dismay that this video, a noticeable step up from Tonald's other content, seemed to have performed poorly by comparison, and his content posted after this went back to form. Of course, Tonald's classic style of speech was on display, with him proudly declaring his love of birates - ahoy matey! The video even ended with Tonald seemingly making a mistake (calling a collection of four games a "trinity"), before revealing it was the setup to a punchline. The gang was left wondering just who exactly is Tonald Loke, a question that would not be answered until some time later.

Carrots, Guitar, and a Farewell Gift to Wolf[edit | edit source]

At the tail end of EFAP 64, the boys took a look at the introduction video for Tonald's second channel Upward Strike, where he played a solid little guitar tune and famously introduced his hatred of Cooked Carrots. After a short break they picked up with EFAP 65, the latter half of the Farewell Wolf stream, and Wolf was treated to Tonald's best video yet - his review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The video is not free from Tonaldisms, namely him describing one of the villains as "hot as f[FART]," but Wolf and the boys were amazed at the clarity and overall solid argumentation in this video, and Wolf considered subscribing to him unironically.

Dawn of a New Tonald[edit | edit source]

The next evolution of Tonald's content is shown in EFAP 80, where Tonald discusses how death is traditionally used in video games. While the EFAP was originally billed as a triple threat involving Greedo and 'Beto, it soon becomes clear that Tonald's content is markedly greater in quality than both other stars, as well as a significant improvement on his old videos. Sadly, this results in his section being notably shorter than the others', since there is little to criticize or meme, but he sparks several genuine discussions among the crew, like "did we really die in the game or just loose progress? but int the end, who really cares?". Little did they know, this would pale in comparison to what Tonald had in store next...

Fine Dining, Little Clown Boys, and The White Samauri[edit | edit source]

"Then Kratos proceeds to grab [Poseidon] like a Little Clown Boy"

In EFAP 87, MauLer, Rags, Dasboschitt, Metal, and Jay take a look at Tonald's new opus, "What Would Kratos Order At A Restaurant?" and are blown away by the production value, passion, and culinary skill that are displayed. The video is not without its Tonaldisms, with Tonald describing Kratos throwing around Poseidon like a "little clown boy," and describing the palenta as needing to be "as soft as a baby's ass." Tonald also reveals a new form, The White Samauri (not to be confused with Samurai). Afterwards, they take a look at one of his older videos, "Sexuality In Video Games," where he refutes any and all arguments in favor of or against portrayals of sexuality in video games with variations of "it makes money." Suffice it to say, Tonald has come a long way.

On EFAP 90, MauLer and Rags introduced the gay trio of MarkAfterDark, ChaseFace, and Moriarty to Tonald, playing the "Little Clown Boy" clip for them as a taste of what was to come, before going into his video "What Would Geralt of Rivia Order At a Restaurant?" The video opened with a skit of a mall-katana-wielding Tonald acquiring a bottle of hallucinogens, to which Chase commented that he has the same bottle. Tonald casually instructed the viewer to get themselves a rabbit, and if they're up for it give it a "little bitch stare," and later said to add an "assload of red wine." He included some Witcher gameplay accompanied by him pogging out of shock at an NPC suggestively asking Geralt to "squeeze my cluster," described Geralt enountering a "Giant... Cock... (chicken)" in a mushroom-induced hallucination, and expressed a prefefence for Yennefer over Triss, though he still "likey likey" Triss. There were further Tonaldisms in the video, such as him writing witchfucker as "Witcherfucker," pronouncing puss peepers as "pus peepers," throwing in a "sup" while waiting for the meal to cook, and even getting multicultural by saying the word "shag." Tonald was also killed and revived twice by his own cooking. Mark, a professional cook himself, could attest to the quality of Tonald's work, though it was agreed that his video could use more explanation for laymen watching, though there was a huge potential to introduce cooking principles to a new audience. Tonald clearly seemed in his element, even making a self-aware reference to the slow-mo shots of food, and said that videos like this were fun to make but took a lot of work, and MauLer encouraged the audience to go support him, as well as saying that he'd emailed him with the hopes of getting him on EFAP.

EFAP 100 - Arrival[edit | edit source]

Part 2 of EFAP 100 kicked off with the first official appearance of Downward Thrust himself, alongside the surprise reappearance of Wolf, in addition to MauLer and Fringy. Rags entered the stream a few minutes later, with Tone sparing no time to greet him with a "Hey Rags." Tonald revealed that his name was Tony, and Tone Loke was a name granted to him by his boss when he worked at a cell phone store. He explained that his interest in cooking grew from making food for his family and taking interest in cooking shows when he was growing up poor, and marveled at Fringy's descriptions of Australia. He answered the Christmas Vs Halloween Question, siding with Team Halloween. After Fringy left, Tone talked to MauLer, Rags, and Wolf about the slump he was in where he was putting out uninspired content, and the three praised him for the vast improvement his content has undergone. Tone also learned the origin of the name "Tonald." He thanked the EFAP community for the support they've shown him, and dished out some wise words on making content and keeping a good mental state. Tone had also already seen the Last Stand of EFAP, wondering aloud if there was any specific reason he was made Ant-Man, and the boys showed him Lil Poteto's Game of Thrones meme with him as Daenerys' dragon, which he enjoyed thoroughly. He answered more questions and discussed even more topics during his time on stream, then said his goodbyes and thank-yous, and MauLer, Rags, and Wolf expressed amazement at how well their conversation with him went.

EFAP 110 - Bigot Sandwich, 111 - Sauron, Gaming 11 - Gene, 115 - Cyberpunk[edit | edit source]


Cooking for Zelda[edit | edit source]

EFAP 128 saw a return to Tonald's cooking, with him making a duck meal fit for Princess Zelda. MauLer, Rags, and the returning gay trio of MarkAfterDark, Chase, and Moriarty used this video to cleanse their palettes of the preceding Mark Brown video. They spent much of the video in awe of Tonald's cooking, with Chase, Mark, and Rags bringing a homoerotic view of things. The video ended with Tonald arguing with and then slow-mo punch-exploding a poorly composited Navi, and it was pointed out that the credits of the video included the name "Tonald."

Personality[edit | edit source]

hates name calling, bad language and hurtful things being throw around, fills him with disgust and makes him sick, as human being should be respectful towards each other

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"He becomes enhanced when he's at .5 speed."

- Wolf, EFAP 30

  • Artificial Barrier of Blockage - he can block all varieties of forms of attacks.[3]
  • Unlimited Spammage - can summon huge more power with his floor keyboard.[3]
  • Slownald - an alternate form who talks at 0.5x speed, sounds like sleepy Tonald whose face is melting
  • Speedald - a rarer form used to quite literally dodge the blow entirely.
  • Time Telescope- uses telescope to look back in time, bigger the bedder. people do get older
  • Healing - all his energy goes into the good souls of the world, because bringing people down is the opposite of cool.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is more content in a Downward Thrust video than there is in any game Bungie has made since 2007.[1]
  • Wolf is his biggest fan and reads all of his PSAs.[3]
  • Don’t bring about pain through hurt; that stems from one’s inability to love who they are.[3]
  • Adam-Friended and PSA Sitch insulted Tonald once. Rags and MauLer kicked them for it.[2]
  • Final Fantasy is the autobiography of Tonald, as is Punch-out!
  • He writes down his pauses in his script
  • 45% is almost half
  • The market is not coming, but people think it's coming, so it's coming
  • buys his games from back alleys
  • Fester's Quest was a “horrifyingly hard game to beat” for him as a kid
  • Tonald is the type of guy to buy bottled water and the release it back to the ocean, or throw matchsticks into the woods, “you are home,” would try to drown a fish
  • YouTube, Redditt or any other sources of communication between people in the world
  • He stays on the coarst (course), like any good captain (EFAP 34)
  • You can't really measure or qualify subjective
  • If Tonald describes a game as having the “Capcom flavor to it” that means it tastes like a weird grape
  • Tonald's billion is like a baker's dozens
  • old games don’t “satiate” gamers' tastes
  • a Pablo Picasso of oratory
  • only Tonald can prevent flame wars
  • Hole-nold
  • like a teacher trying to explain things, listening is an acquired skill that takes lot of practice and time
  • its lot less provoking to say something good about the product than saying something bad about something that person likes
  • some just hate game because its popular thing to do. you cant make fun of game, you have to offer solution
  • sounds like alien or robot (a text to speech device for youtuber) and barely acts like a human, has bugged eyes when intensely playing games
  • takes care of dog, maybe holds the dog as a hostage.
  • chin doesn't grow hair, leaving circular tumor like part in his chin
  • made album called “It's bad to be mean, it's good to be nice”
  • new games “debunk” our affinity towards our favorite games
  • fearless intellectual fidelity
  • sometimes uses different word that means the same thing in the same sentence, making it confusing, like calling a game “old” and then “classic,” as if using a thesaurus to pick words, but doing it too often. Also uses vague wording in videos, not specifying, elaborating, or giving examples to get his point across and makes random word emphasizing and pauses between words
  • "Tonald's assload" is equivalent to 2 big cups
  • doesn’t like when a game wants to show new technique/mechanic and it stops him to show the infobox
  • hates when cutscene of area being opened or showing that where enemy arrives, because it breaks the passing. likes that he can skip them, but it annoys him still. especially since if he tries to skip them and accidentally could skip a important cutscene
  • Is book Tonald better than YouTube Tonald?
  • Like his videos? Subscribe. It's free![1]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "kink in the wrench"
  • "Did you really die, or did you just lose progress?"
  • “also, people get older as time flies by, their needs and their wants change and we can see that if we just look into a telescope back in the time”
  • “more importantly, I want to talk about the other species of games”“
  • developers of old games were ill equipped to standardize smart game-play passing into classic games, backtracking, lopsided story objectives, awful passing from aria to aria, non-scaling enemies and zones, lack of proper safe states, it was hell in some of these games”
  • “boundaries of conventional gaming can break down”
  • "small minority doesn’t count for the greater population of sales"
  • “use your time and energy, which isn’t infinite by the way”
  • “without turning this into Dr. Phil”
  • "second talking poin-t”
  • “better safe states shield us from having to lament over painfully long sessions roleplaying games, improved interfaces allow for shorter waiting periods during loading screens and transitions from interface to gameplay and creativity has allowed the passage of time to bring us new and interesting  iterations of our favorite gaming fundamentals”
  • “we no longer have to wait on our games or agonize over faulty stone age game systems”
  • “that harbor internally more of these issues, it’s the reason HD remakes and remasters exist”
  • “games need updates to remain relevant”
  • "'Whats going on?' 'Why are they doing this?' Common questions" - EFAP 34
  • “when I come back to games later, I don’t want it to feel old, but many games do”
  • “busy Be winter” (winter bees)
  • “I hate that swimming section with that electricity, and the zapping my, ninja turtles, so annoying”
  • “non-direct gameplay flow”
  • “comparing apples to bananas”
  • “fun and games had to be scaled back”
  • “being hateful in the internet is a crime easy to find, no matter the outlet, someone has something mean to say about someone. its bullying behind the safety of anonymity and invisible walls with no recourse”
  • “bringing people down is the opposite of cool”
  • "Increasenly"
  • “There is a difference between being critical and being attacking”
  • "If you guys enjoy this style of video, which is definitely not my normal style of video, it's kind of more of a general commentary style of video" - EFAP 34
  • “I’ve always been under school of thought that those who want to bring about pain in people through hurt simply don’t love themselves ”
  • “being rude to someone. judging someone by their color.  insulting someone for sharing different religion, value or opinion than you. wishing harm for them telling them to jump off a bridge”someone might have told him to jump of a bridge”it has got to stem from ones inability to love who they are”
  • “that is the problem”
  • “games of the past are not games of today, playing them today isn’t the same as playing them years ago, even if you were the same age”
  • “does hate make them feel better? is it fun? do these people get some sick high by opening wounds in people” “I highly doubt that”
  • "its hard, sometimes. watching people say bad things about you when they’ve never even met you. to have people throw insults at you at will, like your actor o stage and you’re getting pegged by tomatoes and rotten cabbage. and to have to sit there and take the bullying” tomatoes are fresh
  • “I never get it to them. by not giving two fucks about it, I quite literally dodging the blow entirely”
  • “and I want to provide a response that will always remain. Nothing”
  • “all my energy goes into the good souls of the world”
  • “energy is limited, especially as we get older”
  • “we should try to review and analyze games based of off what they try to do and not what we want them to do”
  • “Wreck absolute h-h-h-h-havoc!!”
  • “if you likey-like it”
  • “brown, grey, RED!”
  • “I ask people why are doing this, what do you have to gain?”
  • “mainstream life”
  • “many levels are also very boxed in, with artificial barriers of blockage”
  • “lets think about this” for a second
  • “what can developers learn from that? well the can learn a lot"
  • “doesn’t make wrong or right it just makes them different”
  • “people just talk talk talk”, narrative tripling
  • “if you flip the script and look at the other side of the coin”
  • “subtitutory”
  • "currently right now"
  • “seasons, they come and go, some  are better than others”
  • “twiddle their fingers and staring at walls to pass the time” what he does when he has nothing to do
  • “Anthem was supposed to carry me trough this hellhole of a season”
  • "orgasmic euphoria"
  • “beauty is almost entrancing to some extend”
  • “game doesn’t have to have million pixels to be beautiful”
  • “anthem turnout to be big pile of poo poo”
  • “ruined my plans to be happy this summer”
  • “I guarantee next year”
  • “summer is barren wasteland of nothingness” to videogames"
  • “I'm telling you for real, I didn't think this was for real”
  • “Can you really blame them at the end of the rainbow?”
  • “they are on planet mars, if this all they care about, they are on planet mars”
  • “gta 5, mass effect, you name it, overwatch”
  • "soft as babys ass"
  • "we don’t use crap from jar"
  • “ deep fried crap”
  • “breath fresh air”
  • “warm flowy feel to it”
  • “roll around like a damn chimpanzee”
  • “don’t just hate on it for the hell of it”
  • “we have to grow this industry into better place”
  • "He's been going uphill ever since 'Fuck cooked carrots'" - Chase, EFAP 90
  • "We'll see you guys in the next one. Peace love and happiness until then."

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