"Creativity has allowed the passage of time to bring new and interesting iterations on our favorite gaming fundamentals." ― Inscription from the Temple of Tonald

Tone Loke, fully name Captain Tonald Loke, often referred to simply as Tonald, is the founder and fearless leader of the Intellectual Gaming Community[1] who uploads his video game reviews and video essays to his YouTube channel Downward Thrust. He is also so much more than that. While the EFAP boys were initially baffled by his bizarre content, over time they began to realize his true brilliance. He is an ancient being and has collected much knowledge, which he uses to make intellectual videos about all species of games. Thanks to him, we are shielded from having to lament over backtracking, lopsided story objectives, awful pacing from area to area, non-scaling enemies and zones, and lack of proper save states. He has taken some inspiration from other intellectuals like Bilbo Baggins.[1]

Name[edit | edit source]

Tonald's YouTube channel is named Downward Thrust. Tonald's name is listed as "Tone Loke" on his channel and other social media. It was first theorized that "Tone" is short for "Tonald" on EFAP #21 - Going downward.....at full thrust. - With Weekend Warrior. Tonald confirmed that the name Tone Loke was a nickname bestowed upon him because his name is Tony on EFAP Episode 100.

Background Lore[edit | edit source]

Tonald grew up in the 80s and 90s, and games from then were not games of today, mostly because developers of old games were ill-equipped to standardize smart gameplay pacing into classic games. Because of this, he became a battle-hardened warrior while playing games like Fester's Quest (a horrifyingly hard game to beat) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Zapping mah, ninja turtles, so annoying). He got older as time went by, but he still looks through a telescope back through time so he can remember what he fought for in his childhood.[1]

The three phases of Spammage

Tonald founded Downward Thrust and the Intellectual Gaming Community in 2017. His videos were commonly watched on Wolf's podcast and became a bastion of EFAP. Throughout his career, the Massives have tried to tempt him to their side and debunk EFAP's affinity for his channel. They were once nearly successful, as in one video he said that games can't rely on charm and fondness alone (a thing that only fake gamers would say).[1] Such incidents were once common, but not too common. Since that time he has risen above the lies and is making good videos again.[2]

Possible Background in Maritime Piracy[edit | edit source]

I love pirates, AHOY MATEY!!- EFAP #56

Tonald may very well be a pirate or have been a pirate, as evidenced by his pronounciation of "arguably" as "arg-ably."

EFAP History[edit | edit source]

Humble Beginnings - The First 'FAP[edit | edit source]

Downward Thrust's first appearance in the very first episode of EFAP was somewhat unremarkable, at least when compared to his later legacy, though he did provide the quotes "a huge more amount," and the incorrectly emphasized, "4K TVs are common but they're not too common," which would later be used by Mooper in the GDELB series. Additionally, Tonald displayed his more general character traits such as his usage of footage unrelated to what he is saying, his meandering around the topic at hand, and his unusual speaking cadence, which would all become staples of his content.

EFAP #21 - The Tonald We Know[edit | edit source]

Downward Thrust's second appearance on EFAP #21 was where his identity began to solidify. His true name, his possible background as a pirate, his association with The Intellectual Gaming Community, and his quoting of Bilbo Baggins were all established on this stream.

EFAP #30 - Alternate Forms[edit | edit source]

EFAP #30 - A thrust of memes and just a hint of Tonald, with Appabend exposed MauLer, Rags, Wolf, and Appabend to Tonald's strong stance against hatred and bullying, where he also made reference to his history of being pegged by tomatos. In his DMC5 review, Tonald appeared to go Super Saiyan, but that pales in comparison to his "Slownald" state, which was discovered when the gang slowed down the playback speed of his video, unveiling his true power. He also coined the term "artificial barriers of blockage."

EFAP #34 - The Family Expands[edit | edit source]

Tonald started off his next appearance with a bang, describing the wheels of the economy while showing a 3D animation of a wooden wheel coming together piece by piece. The most noteworthy development from this stream was the discovery of Tonald's father, Dadold, in addition to Tonald's lesser-known female counterpart, Toenail Loke. In addition to his usual Tonaldisms, Tonald also more multicultural in this video with the usage of some non-English words, communitas and Vanille.

EFAPs #38 and #49 - A Multifaceted Tonald[edit | edit source]

In EFAP #38, Tonald goes a little into his past in finances, and explains his rationale behind his videos. Then in EFAP #49, he tells a (questionably true) story about his experience trying to find games to play before discovering a treasure trove of games on Steam. His delivery is noticeably a bit more casual and less stilted in the latter video.

EFAP 50 - 1.2 BILLION[edit | edit source]

A more passionate Tonald than usual goes into his issues with microtransactions in one of his favorite games, FIFA (a very in-character favorite for him). This leads to the famous "one point two... BILLION" quote that was initially viewed at 0.5x Slownald form, then rewatched in all its glory at 0.25x Slownald form.

EFAP 56[edit | edit source]

"If he falls, he's fuckin' dead!". Found at 3:23:53.

EFAP 64 & 65 - Carrots, Guitar, and a Farewell Gift to Wolf[edit | edit source]

At the tail end of EFAP #64, the boys take a look at the introduction video for Tonald's second channel Upward Strike, where he plays a solid little guitar tune and famously introduces his hatred of Cooked Carrots. After a short break they pick up with EFAP #65, the latter half of the Farewell Wolf stream, Wolf is treated to Tonald's best video yet - his review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The video is not free from Tonaldisms, namely him describing one of the villains as "hot as f[FART]," but Wolf and the boys are amazed at the clarity and overall solid argumentation in this video, and Wolf considers subscribing to him unironically.

EFAP 80 - Dawn of a new Tonald[edit | edit source]

The first hint of things to come is shown in this video, where Tonald discusses how death is traditionally used in videogames. While the EFAP was originally billed as a triple threat involving Greedo and Beeto, it soon becomes clear that Tonald's content is markedly greater in quality than both other stars, as well as a significant improvement on his old videos. Sadly, this results in his section being notably shorter than the others', since there is little to criticize or meme, but he sparks several genuine discussions among the crew. Little did they know, this was a harbinger of Tonalds to come...

EFAP 87 - Fine Dining, Little Clown Boys, and The White Samauri[edit | edit source]

MauLer, Rags, Dasboschitt, Metal, and Jay take a look at Tonald's new opus, "What Would Kratos Order At A Restaurant?" and are blown away by the production value, passion, and culinary skill that are displayed. The video is not without its Tonaldisms, with Tonald describing Kratos throwing around Poseidon like a "little clown boy," and describing the palenta as needing to be "as soft as a baby's ass." Tonald also reveals a new form, The White Samauri (not to be confused with Samurai). Afterwards, they take a look at one of his older videos, "Sexuality In Video Games," where he refutes any and all arguments in favor of or against portrayals of sexuality in video games with variations of "it makes money." Suffice it to say, Tonald has come a long way.

EFAP 100 - Arrival[edit | edit source]

Part 2 of EFAP 100 kicked off with the first official appearance of Downward Thrust himself, alongside the surprise reappearance of Wolf, in addition to MauLer and Fringy. Rags entered the stream a few minutes later, with Tone sparing no time to greet him with a "Hey Rags." Tonald revealed that his name was Tony, and Tone Loke was a name granted to him by his boss when he worked at a cell phone store. He explained that his interest in cooking grew from making food for his family and taking interest in cooking shows when he was growing up poor, and marveled at Fringy's descriptions of Australia. He answered the Christmas Vs Halloween Question, siding with Team Halloween. After Fringy left, Tone talked to MauLer, Rags, and Wolf about the slump he was in where he was putting out uninspired content, and the three praised him for the vast improvement his content has undergone. Tone also learned the origin of the name "Tonald." He thanked the EFAP community for the support they've shown him, and dished out some wise words on making content and keeping a good mental state. Tone had also already seen the Last Stand of EFAP, wondering aloud if there was any specific reason he was made Ant-Man, and the boys showed him Lil Poteto's Game of Thrones meme with him as Daenerys' dragon, which he enjoyed thoroughly. He answered more questions and discussed even more topics during his time on stream, then said his goodbyes and thank-yous, and MauLer, Rags, and Wolf expressed amazement at how well their conversation with him went.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"Did you really die, or did you just lose progress?"[2]

  • Artificial Barrier of Blockage - he can block all varieties of forms of attacks.[3]
  • Unlimited Spammage - can summon huge more power with his floor keyboard.[3]
  • Slownald - an alternate form who talks at 0.5x speed.
  • Speedald - a rarer form used to quite literally dodge the blow entirely.
  • Healing - all his energy goes into the good souls of the world, because bringing people down is the opposite of cool.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is more content in a Downward Thrust video than there is in any game Bungie has made since 2007.[1]
  • Wolf is his biggest fan and reads all his PSAs.[3]
  • Don’t bring about pain through hurt; that stems from one’s inability to love who they are.[3]
  • Adam-Friended and PSA Sitch insulted Tonald once. Rags and MauLer kicked them.[2]
  • Like his videos? Subscribe. It's free![1]

References[edit | edit source]

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