Weekend Warrior is a YouTuber who reviews movies, TV shows, and video games.

co-host of Wolf and Mauler from the beginning of EFAP, but somehow people think that their most frequent guest, Rags is the co-host

History[edit | edit source]

PreFAP[edit | edit source]


EFAP 21[edit | edit source]


EFAP 50 - Celebrating One Year of Pausing Every Frame[edit | edit source]


EFAPs 57, 67, 78, 91[edit | edit source]


Meeting Armoured Skeptic, For NOUGH Reason[edit | edit source]

Weekend joined MauLer, Rags, and for the first time, Armoured Skeptic, with whom he had had friendly back-and-forths on Twitter but had yet to talk to in a call before, in EFAP 93. Weekend and Skeptic were anticipating their first call together, but the meeting was delayed by Weekend's mic acting up at the beginning of the call and making him nigh unhearable. Eventually the audio issues were sorted out, and the gang suffered through Cinematic Venom trying to prove that the Lord of the Rings films were actually terrible. Weekend in particular took note of Cinematic Venom's constant use of the phrase, "For NOUGH reason!" The boys were left exhausted and enraged, a rarity for Weekend, in one of the most grueling experiences on EFAP to date.

EFAP 97[edit | edit source]


EFAP 100 - Celebrating Two Years of Pausing Every Frame[edit | edit source]


Post-100 - Ghostbusters 2016, EFAPs 104, Gaming 7, 113, 117-119[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • weekends mike was busted, for possession of drugs

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"he wants to fuck pippin in the butt"

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