"Hello all my N-words"

The Dishonoured Wolf, later The Word of Wolf and later Of Writing and Rage, but usually just referred to as Wolf, is former Video Essay YouTuber and one of the three founding members and original hosts of the EFAP Podcast. In December of 2019, he left EFAP and left YouTube as well as social media in general because he did not like the effect the internet was having on his health. Despite leaving, Wolf continues to be friends with both Rags and MauLer and is widely loved and respected by the EFAP chat as a part of The EFAP Pantheon.

History[edit | edit source]

PreFAP[edit | edit source]


Season 1[edit | edit source]

Wolf was there at the beginning of it all, alongside MauLer and Rags. He witnessed the bizarre content of Tonald and The Forbidden One, was told he was watching movies wrong by Patrick Willems, got a lesson in toxic masculinity from Jonathan MacIntosh, and witnessed the redemption of Jay, though he was absent for the gang's first look at MovieBob. He took on the combined forces of The Right Opinion and Quinton, though he had to leave early, and missed the conversation with The Right Opinion due to him taking a hiatus from YouTube that would last until EFAP 15.

EFAP 1-8, 15-24, 26-34, 38-42, 45, 47[edit | edit source]


EFAP 50 - The 1 Year Anniversary of Pausing Every Frame[edit | edit source]

"Whoever made the CatDog meme with Rags as a horrifying tumor... I don't know whether to thank you or avoid you for the rest of my life"

Wolf joined in six and a half hours into Part 2 of EFAP 50 to help MauLer, Rags, and DasBoSchitt answer a fan-made EFAP trivia quiz. After they finished the quiz, they were joined by E;R, and when chat decided to have them watch a video next rather than look at memes, Wolf requested they watch a Tonald video, and together they witnessed Tonald's now-legendary "One point two... BILLION!" James Moore joined the lineup, and the next thing on the agenda was watching a Just Write video on The Legend of Korra, where they learned the teachings of Bigideas. Wolf left before the video was completed, stating that he likely would not be on again for a while because he had things he needed to attend to in his real life, and making it known that he had recently adopted a kitten.

The Jebbening[edit | edit source]

Wolf came back to an unfortunately controversial episode, EFAP 59, where he, Rags, and MauLer reacted to Jenny Nicholson's Joker review, drawing the ire of The Knights of Jen, who accused the trio of being misogynistic incels. Little did they know that most of the stream was actually dedicated to Jeb Bush.

EFAP 61[edit | edit source]


Farewell Wolf[edit | edit source]

After Wolf decided to leave YouTube and all other social media because of the effect it was having on his mental well-being, EFAP 64 and 65 were dedicated to giving him a proper sendoff. In 64, MauLer, Rags, and Wolf watched a video that had been held up as the best defense of The Last Jedi, which turned out to be anything but, then learned about Tonald's guitar skills and hatred of cooked carrots from his second channel Upward Strike. After a short intermission, EFAP 65 had the boys bear witness to the first unironically good Tonald review they had seen, his review of Jedi: Fallen Order. They then engaged with a legendary debate with the Remarkable Republican, and brought in Shad for reinforcements. About a month later, two EFAP Minis were released, where MauLer, Rags, and Wolf read Superchats from 64 and 65, and looked at memes that were made for Wolf's departure.

EFAP 100 - One Last 'FAP[edit | edit source]

Part 2 of EFAP 100 kicked off with the surprise reappearance of Wolf, alongside the first appearance of Tonald. Wolf, alongside MauLer, Rags, and Fringy, engaged in a long and fascinating discussion with Tonald, after which Wolf expressed relief and joy that the conversation went so well. Wolf caught the chat up a little with how things had been going for him, made it known that his return would only be for the milestone of episode 100, and lamented having been given the wrong order by Dominos, made even worse by the fact that he already has bad history with Pizza Hut. After watching a few more videos, Wolf left the stream to get some sleep, then returned partway into Part 3, where he, Rags, and MauLer took one last look at The Forbidden One for old times' sake, before being joined by an ensemble cast to listen to Voxis read another Chuck Tingle story. Wolf also appeared in the EFAP 100 Minis to react to The Last Stand of EFAP and the other memes that were made for Episode 100.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He doesn't like C.S. Lewis.[1]
  • He called Sargon a boomer.[1]
  • His first gaming console was the GameCube.[2]
  • He thinks Jaden Smith is God, much to Pipeman's annoyance.[2]
  • Wolf's pronounces are "shlimnlumunf" and "slormandwv", part of his "Nordic heritage".
  • He read manga Death Note.
  • People call him "contrarian".
  • Wolf is canine supremacist, but doesn’t count dogs to it
  • Wolf doesn’t like green people
  • plaid Mario kart when high, it was a trip
  • wolf finds balding men that don’t save their heads, cant grow a beard or are fat, disgusting
  • wolf hates Quiet Place and watches lord of the rings 7 times a year
  • wolf axes questions
  • wolf broke his chair
  • wolf has impulsive bug buying disorder that makes him buy books that look good to him
  • wolf was born under Chinese year of pizza, there is no Italian year of pizza, since like the year of monkey, there is pizza in other countries too
  • its not mike sign crossed in wolf icon, its pizza slicer, meaning he cut the pizza and is eating it
  • wolf was born in frozen forest of pizza
  • got banned for saying “maybe due process is a good thing”, but not because he hate jews
  • kevin spacy can rape anyone he likes, wolf still likes him “why did you betray me kevin, why did you do it“he feels that kevin is subjectively a swell guy
  • Wolf hates people that write on book pages
  • Wolf is second coming of hitter
  • wolfds dad asked him to help moving a cinder block, but the dad did it himself and with one hand
  • wolf beliefs if you drink bath water and get herpies, you deserve it. Rags thinks they had it coming, but nobody deserves it, its just horrible
  • wolf would erase the stupid people if he could, by making them smart
  • wolf was on edge of his seat on new hope when the were trying to destroy the deah star
  • wolf interprets last jedi as good as the Room. objectively
  • Wolf mike turns off because he talks bullshit and the mike can’t take it, nor does rags mike, but rags denies this
  • Wolf thinks Bob the builder cant fix the Last jedi, Rags thinks he can
  • Wolf doesn’t own audience anything, like the superman
  • wolf is the mouth of shauron of the chat
  • wolf denied the holocaust
  • everyone in efap have framed picture of mauler on their wall, wolf has his in bookcase where he can ogle it
  • Wolf likes Ori
  • Wolf didn’t know what cherry tomato was
  • wolfs cat owns him
  • zombie would starve if it tried to eat wolfs brains
  • wolf was pretending to be retarded
  • wolf was spoiled about john snow death and resurrection by the YouTube search bar showing both search results
  • Wolf like the crocodile man steve Ervin
  • wolf has less respect for john adams after he saw the  last jedi
  • wolf saw the twists in six sense coming halfway through the movie
  • Wolf didn’t know that “dumb” means you are “mute”
  • wolf gave Deadpool 2 the money instead of solo
  • wolf takes shit over dogshit
  • wolf regularly makes deals with the reaper, which is why he has survived from being killed by essayist headaches
  • When wolf got his keys stolen in Pummel Party, he was feeling like deagul when smegol strangled him
  • wolf cant see in the dark, but for a moment he thought he could
  • wolf would sacrifice jay to the wishing box
  • if someone was beating wolfs pet, he would shoot them in the face
  • whenever Wolf is silent, he goes to take pizza, even when he says his not
  • wolf tricked his friend I to watching “Brokeback mountain” because ehis friend like westerns
  • wolf steams and burns when someone bad talks the LOTR. you know when you smell the smoke
  • wolf hates jay for not watching LOTR and both prick each other for watching and not watching something
  • Wolf found out that Han solo dies from bumper sticker of car that drived past him
  • wolf doesn’t think that cat can’t explain to you how to clean your clothes
  • wolf was heartbroken when he found out that Jay wasn’t yahway, his world was rocked. really
  • wolf thinks the worst one can do is lie, misrepresent and take one out of context. mauler and rags thinks so too, as its worse to misrepresent once character than to just call them names
  • Wolf is biased towards rags as he can read and has read Eragon (him being handsome and fluffy is bonus)
  • chat names include: “the wolf reborn”, ”wigilat christian wolf”, “let there be wolf”, “paul wolfsig raggins” “the dogfather””yet wolf” “JRR Wolkin (he does not approve, since he wont be as good writer)” "wolf of wallstreet", george lincolm wolfwell" "just yif""wandering wolf" "wolf among the Reich" “wolf of redemption”

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"no person who like the last jedi is intelligent"

“look, all I’m trying to say is that jewish media is trying to put all of these other…”

"Tolkien would rape George and love it”

“Fucking tard (retard)”

"Jews don’t like people"

"you are not defined by your hairline"

“come on froggy, make a video””come on froggy, hop to it”

"if you put pineapple on pizza I don’t think you deserve to live"


“it retarded me into hiccups”

References[edit | edit source]

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